My Mother-in-Law’s Secret Favorite Food, Between a Mother and a Daughter-in-Law

The truth of why her mother-in-law loved chicken so much finally came out, and it was, a “secret” that the daughter-in-law and her shared, translated…

The very first time I’d spent the New Year’s at my mother-in-law’s house, early morning on New Year’s Eve, my mother-in-law, my husband, and I went together to the marketplace to shop. Other than the three items and the fruits to be made as offerings to Goddess of Mercy and the ancestors, my m other got two more whole chickens, and, planned to make the dishes as my older sisters-in-law came home for the holiday. The two whole chickens, plus the couple of chicken breast pieces and the quarter legs, before the year of the rooster ever arrived, we’d gotten an overflow of chickens inside the freezers.

I’d recalled how when we started dating, I’d once discussed with my older sisters-in-law on what my mother-in-law enjoys to eat. “Mom loved chicken!”, they’d stated, with my husband, chiming in!

this is the way, that geese is served here…photo from online…

Naturally, as we were dating, I’d seen many times, my mother-in-law bringing home those family-sized fried chickens buckets to share with her families, even the sons-in-laws of my mother-in-law knew, that as they’d taken her out to eat, going with chicken, they can not be wrong. But, for the sake of health, my older sisters-in-law and my husband didn’t like her to have too many fried foods, and so, whenever my mother-in-law missed that crispy scent and taste, she’d gone to Kentucky Fried Chickens to stow away a few fried chicken, then, returned home satisfactorily. It’s just, that she’d brought home the unused condiments, the pepper packs, which gave her away, and, everybody started gaining up on her; at which time, my mother-in-law became like a child who was caught in the act, smiled out of shame, and yet, she’d, still gone to steal and eat her fried chickens again, it’s just, that she’d, learned, to secretly, stash the unused condiments elsewhere is all.

This year, everybody was kind toward me, for just being married, they’d suggested that on the second, my husband should take me home to visit my own parents’ household, and, on the third, my older sisters-in-law took their children home to visit. On the morning of my older sisters-in-law’s return, my husband set up the exterior, my mother-in-law and I, worked side-by-side in the kitchens, chopping up the chicken and the vegetables for cooking. I’d asked my mother-in-law why she’d loved chicken so very much? She’d stopped working, and told me, “Actually, I loved eating geese. The meat of the geese would be juicy, fresh and savory, but, for someone who’s keeping a family of six intact, having goose is way too extravagant, so, I’d, settled for chicken instead. From before, I’d buy some geese for my kids, and because I knew how good it’d tasted, as I’d watched my children gobble up the pieces, I couldn’t help, but start drooling!”

I’d watched my mother-in-law’s eyes light up, as she talked of how much she’d loved the geese, and how she’d, hidden her own desires, because of her family, that although, she can now, afford, to buy the geese, but still, kept eating the chickens instead. My mother-in-law, who’s, saved up EVERY last penny she had, had given me a red envelope, which I hadn’t received, since I’d started working.

a meal, served with goose meat, photo from online…

“Did you smile in your dreams?”, my mother-in-law asked me, I couldn’t understand WHY she’d asked me that. “Because, returning to one’s own home is the happiest moment for a married woman, so, that, is why, you were, probably, smiling in your dreams.”

Actually, it doesn’t matter where I am, I’m happy. I’d smiled and told my mother-in-law, and decided, that after I’d finished cooking the meals, I will, go out to see, if there are, great places that sold the geese.

So, this, is how the elderly generation settled, because of how expensive things were, she didn’t want to put her family out, and, she’d carried this frugal tradition of hers intact, and now, as the daughter-in-law learned about this, she’s going to, give her mother-in-law the geese, even IF it’s a bit expensive, because the mother-in-law had worked so very hard, making her families happy, and, she deserves to get treated right from time to time.


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