Letters to Ghosts…

Why am I, writing these letters to ghosts? It’s not, as if, they’ll, write me back, and, it feels like, I’m throwing the MOST valuable things I ever have, into this, deep, dark BLACKHOLE, writing my letters to ghosts!

not my photograph…

Letters to ghosts, but why? Because, you’re, in desperate need of closure, because, you’d, suffered, long enough, on your own, you want, everything you’d experienced since you were little, to all get, purged out?

Letters to ghosts, yeah, why not? I mean, even IF the letters you’d written to ALL those ghosts don’t mean anything to anybody ELSE out there, at least, that, would be, a way, of you, leaving that MARK in your own life, showing the rest of the world, that hey, I matter, I’m still here, and, NOBODY’s going to IGNORE me, because I’m here, talking to G-H-O-S-T-S!!!

Letters to ghosts, I now, have NO reasons to write them anymore, whereas in the past, I was compelled, driven, by some unseen force, to write, and now, I’m done, writing, all my letters, to ghosts that haunt me from before………

not my photo still…





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