Homecoming, a Poem

what it looks like, not my photo…

Finding that place, “home”, the place where one comes out of, translated…

The Wind Had Returned

Opened Up the Doorways to Heaven and Earth

It’d, Came Back in from the Seaside

To Visit Miaoli, it’s Favorite Place

The Wind Had Returned

To Visit the Corn Fields

The Watermelon Patches

A Group of Wind Stated They Wanted to Return Back to Xihu, Dahu

not my photo…

To Reunite Themselves with the Yams, and the Strawberries in the Fields

The Winds Fought Their Ways, to Build Bridges Here, the Lion Swamps, the Pumpkin Too, Opened Up Their Eyes Wide

Waited for it in Silence

Oh, that Prodigal Son who’s Gone Out and Stayed Away a Long Time Had,

Finally Returned Home

So, this, is how the wind is, it’s traveled all over the places, and, in the end, found, that the most comfortable place it can be was the place of its origin, there’s that sense of longing for that feeling of home in this, describing the mindset of those who are, away from their hometown and loved ones.


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