The Reason Behind Why She Wanted to Keep on Taking Photos

how much love is in a photograph, do you even know???  Not my photo…

The truth behind why she loved taking pictures, translated…

Behind those unreasonable, wayward behaviors, there might be something deeper, that would take a lot of careful attention to note.

Awhile back, we had a family vacation, my youngest uncle’s family of five and I went to Tainan first, then, we’d, gone to Kaohsiung with the rest of the family to meet up. As we’d arrived at the painted town of cartoon characters in Danei, Tainan, there were, cute characters painted on the walls all over, my aunt who loved taking photos couldn’t stop from clicking the shutters, despite the heat, she’d needed to, visit EVERY house in the village. And still, my younger cousin who are teenagers, would no longer comply with the adults’ demands of making cute poses, they’d gone off on their own, plus, the sun was really hot, and, we’d all gotten, a bit, too overheated, my cousins didn’t have the patience, for my aunt to get the shots she’d wanted to take.

Finally, the master had enough, and can finally move along. As the car started, my younger cousin started complaining, and my aunt wouldn’t back off, they’d started spatting and bickering, and I was, the mediator, tried to convey that my younger cousin needed to learn to wait, after all, going out as a group, we’d needed to, adjust ourselves to each other. And, I’d thought to myself, my aunt should also, soften herself down too, and empathized with their physical fatigue, instead of, keep on rationalizing why they needed to, comply with her. After all, it was, hot, and, we’re all, hungry, who can be in a good mood? And, let alone, mentioning how the teenagers have their emotional upheavals. If they can both take steps backwards, then, wouldn’t it be better?

Although there were, displeasures on the way, we finally made it to Kaohsiung successfully, my third aunt has the personality characters of a peacock, loved being a model, and my aunt was no longer outnumbered, one loved taking pictures, one loved having her pictures taken, they’d become a pair made in heaven.

a mother, capturing a moment with her son, photo from online…

As we arrived to Kenting, I’d asked my aunt why she’d loved taking photos? She’d told me that she grew up poor, and never had the opportunities for the pictures, and as she grew up, she saw how other people had pictures of themselves when they were younger, she’d not wanted her kids to complain about how there were not enough pictures of them when they’re older.

At the very next moment, my aunt was, once again, drawn, to a beautiful sight, started capturing it with her camera. I couldn’t help but feel bad, I’d, slowed down my pace turns out, that what seemed to be overbearing and domineering, was actually her way of showing love; and because she carried her regrets, that, was why as she became a mother, she insisted on capturing those moments, but, there wasn’t a good means of communications. And, I’d needed to, think hard, on how to be a bridge, to connect the two of them, so, this scent of angry exchange can end well.

So, this, still just shows, that there’s MORE to things than meets the eyes, there are always, hidden motives for what someone is doing something a certain way, and, all it takes, is scratch that judgmental belief about the person, and, keep your ears and hearts opened, and, you’ll get why they’re, doing what they’re doing.


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