Old School

On changes in a person through the years, translated…

People seemed to have aged, in a blink of an eye.

Some people just all of a sudden, let go, some, all of a sudden, looked kinder, some lost their sense of the need for respect, some became without that stance, that status quo, some became bolder, some, all of a sudden, started believing in God, some, took everything in stride all of a sudden, and still some, started seeing things wayward.

After you’d passed that certain stage, it would, HIT you so suddenly, and you’d realized, that you’re, aged, and, you will start to see, everything that’s happened before all flowing back to your minds. And since that point forward, all you can imagine, is how your elderly years might be, and, you’d, become, softened down, and, managed to, changed that originally undeterred personality trait of yours.

Not everybody ages well, only a handful can manage to age elegantly, most people go through the cycles of the changes in their states of mind, aged, to a point that they’d, returned to their completely, natural state of their births, which made those eyes so deep, so wise.

Every pair of eyes, has the years hidden within them.

So, the eyes are the windows to the soul here, and, maybe, how the way you looked will change through time (wrinkles, laugh lines, etc., etc., etc.), but the brightness of your eyes should NEVER change…


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