A Cleaned House

Doing the cleaning on the outside, and, as you’d cleaned, you’d, cleaned up inside of your own psyche too, translated…

Because of issues of debts, my friend got into a long-term battle in court, and finally, she’d gotten a property, she’d asked me, to help her clean it up, to set it up for rental. I’d just gotten divorced, with three children, and was in desperately need of making the extra money, so, I’d agreed immediately.

The very first day, I’d, used every skill I had, worked hard, but, I was, very slow to progress. Because as I shook up the house-full of silent dusts, I couldn’t help, but stop sneezing, which made my cleaning work intermittent; I’d, packed up the ceiling-high stacks of magazines, along with the foods in the kitchen past the expiration dates into countless number of bags, and, I’d also needed to, pack up all the toys which were, scattered all over her house.

生活見聞屋子亮起來 圖/倩picture from the papers…

The hardest work was, moving that couch down to the first floor to be, discarded, as I moved it out, my heart became, so heavy, I’d felt, that I’d, needed to, rid myself, of some overloads. The countless number of bottles that scattered all over the bathrooms, with the name-brand moisturizers and toners in the midst of them all, which showed what the lady of the house preferred to use, but, why didn’t she take any of them with her? There are, still, huge amounts remaining in each of the bottles.

After a full days worth of laboring, I was shocked, to discover, that the night had, crept up on me, but, the house became, more illuminated now, especially the gas stove, the venting system, along with the entire wall of tile, with the help from the cleaning agents, it’d turned, back into, this original version of itself, from its former days of becoming yellow.

the before…

not my photo…

For the two workdays that followed, I’d had the painters, to help refinish up the ceilings and the walls, and, the house became, brighter and fresher. On the fourth day, I’d started, wiping everything down, underneath the faucet, my two hands started, washing up dishrags after dishrags, that, symbolized, how I was, willing, to do these sorts of miniscule cleaning job!

I’d cleaned her house, with the standards I took to cleaning my own place, mopped the floors, over, over, and over again, and, installed the light bulbs into the fixtures, and, every room in her house became, warmer now. Then, I’d found the locksmith, to open up the mailbox, sorted through the bills from the collectors. Could it be, the bad credits that’s, caused them, to run off in a hurry like they’d done? How did she, manage, to ruin herself like this? And, isn’t the debts left behind by my ex husband just like this too? And now, I’d, worked hard, cleaned this house up, and, without myself knowing, I’d, cleaned up that dusty corner inside of my mind too.

After five days of working endlessly, the entire house became, radiant, like a beautiful woman, readying herself on a date. I’d, walked around barefoot, to make sure every corner is cleaned up, that I’d, NOT missed a single spot, then, I’d, locked up the front door, and left. A week later, I’d gone back again, to meet up with a couple who’d wanted to rent it, the moment they’d entered into the house, they’d, taken off their shoes immediately, and walked around, on that shiny floor.

As the wife touched the air-venting system in the kitchen and asked me, “Didn’t the last tenant cook at all?”, my heart became, bright too.

the after…not my photo…

So, through this act of physically cleaning up your friend’s place, you’d, cleaned up inside your heart too, and, as someone paid attention to what an amazing job you’d done, it’d made you feel, that all your hard work, paid off, and, the cleaned house can be perceived as a metaphor, for a clean start in life after a divorce if you want to see it as that…


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