My Extraterrestrial Husband

Things that he can do, that makes you angry, and yet, you’d still, learned, to just, laugh it off, because, what ELSE can you do, right??? Translated…

I have this, love-hate relationship with my husband, because he’d trained me, into this fierce woman who only needed to use a glare, to make my point across, from this gentle woman I once was, whom everybody commended on being too gentle and kind.

On the day I had my child, I felt the labor pains coming, and, I’d, waken him up, told him to call in sick to the office, then, rushed to shower, so I can get to the hospitals. I don’t know if he’s still half-asleep, or if he was in shock, or if he’d wanted to experience the trials of NOT being able to bath and shower for the month after birth, he’d asked me, if he’d also, needed, to get a quick shower in too?

yup, that’s, what it looks like all right…not my picture…

Not only did his words shock me, he also had extraterrestrial powers too. One day I was feeding my son, half an hour later, there was still, two-thirds of his food left, I was rushing somewhere, and so, I’d asked him to continue feeding; and, I was in the kitchens doing the dishes, and, three minutes in, he’d delivered that empty bowl to the sink. I’d asked him in awe, how he was able to manage getting my son to finish his meal so soon? He’d replied, “I ate it up!” How come, we were NEVER on the same page of logic? Finally, I’d gotten half a day’s worth of break, I’d, snuck in some Korean soap time, he’d run to me and asked me where the Saran wrap was? I’d told him, it’s in the drawers in the kitchen, he’d gone into the kitchen, for a very long time, couldn’t find it, he’d come and asked me again, I’d answered him again, he’d tried finding it again, still, couldn’t………now, we’re both, getting furious, he said, “Why couldn’t you just help me look?” I’d rebutte4d, “So simple, why couldn’t you manage it on your own?” In the end, I’d, rammed into the kitchens, holy, the doors of the cabinets that required both hands were all opened, but, the drawers that only required the simply one-handed pull, weren’t………are you, so stupid you can’t tell a drawer from a cabinet? Or, is the alien having, difficulties, comprehending my EARTH language?

Although my husband’s series of outrageous actions still left me dumbfounded, but, the laughter has, never vanished from my house, because I’d gotten to know my mother’s teachings on how to get along with him: if I stayed angry, a day passes, if I am happy, a day also passes, so long as nothing gets in between us.

that is what this woman wanted to do TO her husband, not my photograph here…

So, this is a story of how a woman was compelled to DUMB things down for her husband, and, sometimes, it can get, frustrating, because it’s like you’re talking to the W-A-L-L, I mean, at least, when you tell the dog “Sit”, “Stay”, they’d do it, but, with those males, well, it doesn’t work that way………


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