Feeling Blessed for Giving Free Haircuts to the Elderly in a Nursing Home

Helping out not only benefitted those who are on the receiving end, but also, the volunteers, translated…

On an early cold and wet morn, I’d prepared my toolkit, packed with the electric shavers, the scissors, scarf, brush, disinfectant and baby powder and, gone as I would, arrived early at the nursing home, waited for my instructor and my classmates to arrive, from the barber training class from community college. Because the elderly in the nursing home are immobilized and some had feeding tubes, and wouldn’t be mobile enough to head out to get their hair cuts, we’d started giving free haircuts to them once every one and a half months, to show that someone cares for them, and, the basics included trimming their nails, eyebrows, and hair, but, the most important job we had at the nursing home was to simply accompany the elderly.

volunteers giving elderly haircuts, photo from online…

From time to time, we’d shared conversations with them, told them the ups and downs of our daily living, and most of the elderly would only listen quietly, and from time to time, smiled, and that, was the best form of encouragement for us. I’m not at all, familiar of all of my clients’ background, but, I’d felt, more connected to them, due to this sort of intimate exchange we’d come to share with them; the steps I took in the morning, with the tool kit, were always light, and, as I’d returned home, I’d, always remembered to charge my electric shaver, to wash up my apron, and, expected seeing the elders again next time.

Thanks to these familiar strangers, to fulfill my heart, to give me the happiness, to be able to bring a smile to their faces.

So, this, is how volunteer can benefit those who are helping, as well as those being helped, because by giving back, you’re feeling that you are contributing, making a difference in the lives of others, it gives you meaning to your own life, and, for those whom you’d helped, they’d felt that someone out there cared for them, that they are, NOT lonely, or all alone on their own…


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