The Thoughts and Love that Went into a Gift

How much thought went into, the “making” of this birthday present from her husband??? Translated…

That day I’d gone to the marketplace, I saw that fennel, so fresh, so green, so aromatic, I’d bought an extra bundle, to give it to Ju who lived downstairs from me.

As I delivered the bundle of fennel to Ju’s, she’d passionately urged me to have a bowl of her just cooked sweet soup, then, she’d mysteriously taken out a pink birthday card with golden letters. Opening it, in the big heart it’d said, “Happy birthday, Ju”, with many signatures from all whom she loved.

kinda like this???  Not my photo…

I’d originally thought, that this was from the birthday party where her guests all signed, then, she’d told me, that a few days ago was her sixtieth, she’d forgotten, until that very afternoon, her husband called her, told her not to cook, that he would bring someone home.

She’d thought, that it was just the two of them at home, that it would be kinda nice, to eat out every now and then. In the evening, her husband brought back her favorite sushi, as they’d started eating, her husband started, wished her a happy birthday, and handed a scroll too.

She was surprised at her husband’s actions, because other than working hard, he’d never made ANY romantic gestures, let alone, give her something special on her birthday. She couldn’t understand what made him do this, did he, do something bad? But her husband told her not to worry, that nothing was up.

not my photo…

As she pulled out the birthday scroll out, she’d found, that there were, signatures of those whom she interacted from before—loved ones, good friends, and those teachers and classmates from long ago too, as well as her former coworkers too.

Looking at all the well-wishes, her tears started falling down, shed’ wanted to know, how her husband managed, to find all those people whom she’d missed so much.

Before she asked, her husband started, that in the thirty years they’d been married, he was grateful toward how kind she was to his parents, especially in their elderly years, they’d become, bedridden, and needed the company and care, while his other siblings refused to chip in, only she, kept giving to him silently.

In order to show his gratitude toward her, he’d found a total of sixty close friends and families, her school teachers, as well as coworkers, to have them write down their deepest blessings for her as a present for her sixtieth.

Ju and I were both very moved, by how much heart her husband put into this, it surely was nowhere NEAR easy, finding SIXTY people who lived in various cities, and, he’d come up with this special idea for her birthday too.

So, this, is the thoughtfulness of a man toward his wife, to show how much he’d cherished her, and, although this present isn’t as pricy as a diamond necklace, let’s say, but, the meaning it’d held for this woman, was WAY more precious than any sort of physical object this man can give to his wife for her sixtieth birthday.


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