Hello, My Husband with an Extra Eye

On marriage, translated…

The night before New Year’s Eve, I’d been told, that our plans for the New Year’s got canceled, I wasn’t really there as I went shopping with my husband. As we’d passed by the puzzle shops, I’d headed in, picked up a box, with the intentions of having it fill up that hole in my heart, and, I’d, accidentally, put together, a “brand new” husband too.

this, is what the deity looks like, picture from online…

a cartoon version…

That very evening, I’d opened up the box of puzzles, readied myself, for this hard fight, my husband started asking me, “Where are we going tomorrow?”, I’d felt impatient, said, “Can’t we just, stay at home, and go about our own?”, he’d become, silenced, and, replied with his no-talking ways.

This was, a more than ordinary argument at my house between us, because I’d enjoyed doing things alone on my own, and he’d had trouble, sitting still, for just twenty minutes. He’d especially loved when I’d gone out with him, the first choice was to the shopping parts, second, to dine out together, and hated going with me as I made my doctor’s visits. I’d always told him, “We’re still going out, you’d not lost anything!”, and, who’s turn is it, to comply with whom, it’s, one bad war, after another, and another, and another, but, I, being righteous, always WON.

I’d searched for the edges of the puzzles, and finally, I’d, put together just one side, but, for the puzzle pieces that came afterwards, it seemed, that I’d always, picked out the wrong ones, and couldn’t find a right place for them. At which time, my husband stood behind me silently, and, confidently, pointed toward a spot, I’d not wanted to let him down, so, I’d, placed the piece in my hand into the place he’d pointed, then, it’d, fitted, perfectly in. He’d let out a “hmmmmmmmmm” then, strutted off, gloating. Five minute later, he’d come back behind me, and, in a very short time, he’d, put together the section I was working on for so long together, and, patted the puzzles, like giving it a pat in the back.

Then, he’d picked up a piece that wasn’t classified, “This piece is in the section you’re working on, don’t forget it.”, I was dumbfounded, looking at him, and, he’d taken the advantage to make fun, “You’d been working on it so long, and this, was all you got finished with?”

That evening, he’d called himself, the “three-eyed deity”, that he had an EXTRA eye compared to normal people, which was how he was able to find the right places for the puzzle pieces, that he was, a hard-to-come-by puzzle genius.

picture from the papers…


The very next day he’d gotten up, especially early, and, finished the puzzle from the night before, then, pulled me out, to buy a brand new box of puzzles; and after we’d gotten home, he’d started, assembling the puzzles, finding the rims, putting the sides together, then, classified the puzzles by sections, by patterns, and tried the pieces together, and, kept trying…the hopefulness, the angers, the ecstasy, the lost in thought, a wide variety of facial expressions started, flowing out of his face, and, he, who normally couldn’t sit still too long, for that entire afternoon, he’d not, gazed up at the clock once.

And so, I’d, asked him, to take me out to supper, and, he’d told me, just ten more minutes, and that, was when I’d, learned, how long waiting felt like, and, I’d, finally, felt his pains, as he was, normally, the one, waiting for me, to get done, but, I wasn’t going to, change.

The next weekend, my husband accompanied me to the Chinese doctor clinic as he usually had, and, the clinic was so cramped, and, based off of my experiences, it’d be, over an hour’s wait. I’d searched for two seats adjacent to each other, and, called him to sit down, and, he’d started, stuttering, “uh, I wanted to, go home, and work as, the three-eyed deity.”, and, shifted his gazes across my face, then, lowered his head immediately, stared at my bag, fawningly, he’d, told me, “I can, take it home with you.”

He was, unsettled, because he’d wanted to spend some quiet time, putting the puzzles together, and, felt worried, that I may blame him, for not waiting with me. I’d all of a sudden discovered, how much, he was, like a little boy, that he’d put the pieces of his own self-portrait together in the study for years on end, but, couldn’t find, that unique piece that made himself whole, and, he was, on the verge of giving up, and he’d found the missing piece, in a dusty corner. He was so excited, and, grew up instantly because of it, but not known how to cope with this brand new version of himself that enjoyed being alone, and so, he’d, denied his own real sense of self.

not my picture…

Seeing him I’d felt, maybe, it’s time, I grew up too, that I shouldn’t, make him comply to my demands all the time, he too, has a life of his own.

“I can stand in line on my own,” I’d told him. I’d watched him as he moved slowly toward the door, and, I’d wanted to tell him, “The three-eyed deity at my house, how are you? It’s our first time meeting up, nice to meet you, from here on out.”

So, this, was some sort of an accidental discovery that these married folks found out about each other. The man realized what he’d craved was solitude, and the wife realized, that he’d accompanied her around to places, out of love that he felt for her, and, with this new knowledge about her husband, I’m sure, that they will, get along, even better for the future.


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