Never Met Her Before

Submissions to the papers, translated…

I’d never met her face-to-face, but each and every month, I’d gotten into contact with her a couple of times via e-mail, and worked hard, to show her, that I’s not, someone who’s not adequate with the use of language. After I’d sent out my e-mails, the very first thing I checked for when I’d logged online was to see if she’d replied back.

When that familiar name showed up in my inbox, the moment I’d clicked open the e-mail, it’d determined whether or not I would be, accepted by her this month—she is a very opinionate woman, and, would never accept me, just because of how fluently I was in the use of my language abilities; nor would she negate what I was saying, because I couldn’t find the right words.

For so many years, we’d kept this sort of an interaction, a relationship up. Although after she’d replied back to my e-mail, she’d forgotten about me, because of how busy she was at work, but, I’d, saved all of our correspondences in a special file.

Naturally, I’d, felt defeated several times, when she’d, turned me down, and wanted to, sever myself completely, from this sort of a relationship. But, as I’d turned the papers to the pages, I’d known, that I must, keep on, submitting my writings to her.

So, here, the “she” is the paper, and, the person is writing to the paper, sending the submissions in, as if it were, love letters, and, it wasn’t until the very end of this article, that I’d realized, that whoa, this person is NOT talking about a romantic relationship with someone, but, about her/his experiences of sending in her/his drafts.


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