The Double-Life of a Gemini

The multiple roles we take up in life, translated…

Although, I’m a supposedly ever-changing Gemini, but, I’d always felt, that what you see if what you get, until I’d learned to drive, did I find an alternative version of my self behind the wheels!

Don’t get me wrong, I am, a good driver who followed every rule in the book, and, I’d, especially hated the “bullies on the roads”. And, when someone doesn’t drive accordingly to the laws, I’d, honked behind him, to remind him, that he need to, follow the rules, like the rest of us.

Gladly thought, the version of me online, isn’t so two-faced like I’d been, when I’m driving. Take for instance Facebook, I have almost a thousand “friends”, half of them were my students. This, is my identity as a school instructor, it’d made me use caution when expressing my self—as the influences online is enormous, with a bit of carelessness, the images I’d spent a lot of time, building up, would get destroyed completely. Other than “keeping myself on a tight leash”, I’d not forgotten my responsibilities to educate, when my students expressed themselves emotionally, I’d texted them in private, asking if they needed someone to talk to or now.

Anyway, being a Gemini, I’d enjoyed being involved in the world online than behind the wheels.

Because, you acted as an advice-giver, and those you’d interacted online came to you asking for advice on life, because you’re a school teacher, while off line, behind the wheels, you’d, become more of a traffic cop, grilling someone when s/he didn’t drive responsibly, and, NOBODY wants to be a nag, which, is why you probably preferred the mask you’d put on online than off!


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