The Umbrella that’s Forgotten

Someone she couldn’t rely on, and she’d finally, figured it out, a short prose, translated…

It’s raining now, there were only two umbrellas at the shop. One was hers, the other, from a guest who’d forgotten to take with last month. He’d taken her umbrella, got off work first, and so, she could only take the one left by her customer from before. She’d locked up the shop, opened up the umbrella, but the umbrella retracted. She’d originally thought, that it was her error, but, looking at it closely, she’d realized, that this umbrella would not open right. She’d recalled the day this umbrella was left in her shop, he’d once said, that it was pretty, and tried opening it up before, and back then, supposedly, he’d known, that it’d not, worked right. But he’d not told her so, and, he’d left before her, and leaving her with only this broken umbrella to use. The rain got worse, she’d returned back to the shop, glared at this umbrella that wouldn’t open right, and, kept thinking about the man, who couldn’t, carry the skies for her, and hid underneath her umbrella, until the rain had, stopped.

not my sketch…

So, from this, guess what THIS woman learned? That the man she thought was good enough for her, wasn’t, because he only thought about his own welfare, not given a DAMN about hers, and, that, is NOT a man worth her time at all!!!



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