The Tastes of Apples

Memories of that first taste of an apple, translated…

The apples were aromatic, and juicy too, labeled, as our, childhood favorites. And yet, back then, when we saw these apples, all we could do was, swallow hard, and tried hard, to stop ourselves from drooling all over it.

In my elementary school years, one of the classmates didn’t have money for breakfast, and, he’d starved himself so, he’d started having stomach pains, and the instructor shared with him her breakfast, “it was, HALF an apple!”, my eyes lit up, and I couldn’t help it, but lied to her, “I didn’t have breakfast this morning either…”, and for this, my teacher made a special home visit, and, it’d, alerted the entire family.

So, that evening, I was, punished really hard. But after my mother learned of the reasons, she’d used the hard earned wages she had from working as a seamstress, and bought a cheapest priced apple for me.

here’s the Granny Smith, not my photo…

And, don’t know if it’s the Granny Smith that’s too sour, or, that I’d felt, bad for what I’d put my mother through, I’d bitten down on that apple, and cried at the same time………

Oh, how I wish I owned an apple tree!

One day, I’d buried those collected apple seeds into that old pot, and, looked after it day and night. Although it’d started budding soon enough, but, after I’d pulled out the leaves, it’d become, ill.

I’d asked my eldest sister about it, and learned, that the apple trees preferred colder growing conditions, and I’d immediately sent the pot of apple tree into the freezers. And, it’d, shocked my mother that she’d started using disinfectants, cleared OUT the entire refrigerator, and that evening, we had to, eat out. After the meals, as my eldest sister was having watermelon for her fruits, she’d asked me in a lowered voice, “Do you want me to collect the seeds for you?”

Before I switched to planting down those watermelon seeds, childhood had, rushed by me. On the New Year’s Eve’s gathering of the whole family, we’d recalled this incident again, and, I’d, stared at that apple slice that’s no longer hard to reach for me anymore, and kept thinking: had that tree grown up properly, how, would its fruits taste?

and, here are the regular red varieties…not my photo still…

So, this was, a dream of your younger years, and, apple was merely a symbol for something that’s, out of your reach then, but, as you got older, you were able, to afford the apples for yourself, and, it no longer, tasted as sweet, or as fresh, as it had done, in your earlier years, probably because back then as a child, you were still, very innocent, and unknowing, and now, you’re all grown up, and lost that childhood innocence already, so, you will, NEVER get the taste of that apple your instructor shared with you back again!


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