Our Thirtieth Anniversary

Hitting midlife, and, it’s time, for a lookback through time, to see if there are, anything else you’d wanted to do, and not gotten around to yet, and just, do it, translated…

Tomorrow will be the thirtieth wedding anniversary of my husband and I, thinking about it, how fast they years had, gone by, it’s, as if we’d just met yesterday. That year, he’d wanted to, pursue me, and, I can still remember clearly, how my other male classmates stated to him, “Just you wait in line!”!

And, I’d recalled our wedding night, how surprised I was as he’d told me, “I can’t believe you’d married me!”, we were, so very young, and childish back then!

After we’d wed, for the first five years, because I’d gotten on bad terms with my mother-in-law, I’d wanted to file for divorce every single day, but, for our two young children, I’d, put up with it, and, strangely, I’d gotten, used to the ways too. Other than going to and from work, my kids became the center of my life, and, I was, chased down by endless number of household chores, and, time slipped on by. Married for twenty years now, my in-laws passed away, my children are all grown and studying in university now, and I, because of how the old and the young left all of a sudden, I was hit fast and hard by my own empty nest, and, I’d, found me a dog, to keep me company, to fill up that void I was feeling.

And, another decade flew right by me, tomorrow, will be our thirtieth anniversary. Thinking on, these past thirty years of life, what, did I do? Back when I was younger, I’d felt, that life is this boring game of day after day after day, but my mother told me, “Once you get married and have children, all will be different.” And she was, correct on that too, it’s just, that my kids had all flown the nest, and it’s like, I was, in this deep dream, and now, I’m, wide awake, everything returned, to the very beginning, life returned, back to how quiet it once was, bland, day, after day, it’s just, that there’s, this extra man who’s not the least bit articulate, and a puppy that didn’t say a single word accompanying me, I should be thankful for that too.

At least, I’m, not alone.

Although, from the results of my personality test, I’m still that twenty-two-year-old young lady before I wed, but, I’d looked, older now. How, do we celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary? Asking my husband out on a hike? Buy myself that pair of diamond earrings I’d always dreamed about? Or, just take a day off, and stare off into space at home? For a senior cougar who’s over fifty, the celebration of my thirtieth anniversary, maybe, I’ll, just settle for, not getting in an argument with my husband then.

This just shows, how the older you are, the simpler your wishes became, because, you’d become, more settled, and, life is just, flowing along smoothly like that river, without the rapids, and you’re dealing with the empty nest too, and so, this, is a sort of a review over everything that’s happened in the past, summing it all up, and it’s time, to see if there are things you wanted to do, but didn’t have the chance to, and just go out, and pursue that!


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