The Fast-Growing Nature of Children

How fast they all grow up??? Translated…

His fur added on and on, all over his body, and you, your hairs are lost, strand by strand, day, by day.

Fur and hairs, are the milestones for your body and mind. With the moustache on your lips, he’d grown tall really fast, his voice had, turned lower, his face narrowed, nose got more and more erect.

At the same time, he’d loved, pissing you off.

Wanted to have body contact with my child, it’s my own infatuation I suppose. It’d already been, impossible, for me, to hold his hands, even as I’d placed my arms around his arms, he’d, brushed me off too.

puberty 的圖片結果the growth cycle here…from online…

“Don’t bug me!” had been your place all along, like that of the former lovers.

You’d definitely done this before. You must’ve taken out that furry little kid’s photo and sighed, “Look at how close he was to me!”

Sure, just, keep feeling that nostalgia. He won’t EVER be like that EVER. That, was what he’d disliked the most now. Hovering over him, picking him up, dropping him off, enough is enough. As he’d found his heart of freedom now, and, you’d tried contain him with that leash of love, not knowing, that you may use too much force, that it would, make you, fall backwards.

But unfortunately, most moms couldn’t notice a thing, still carried out those “leashes” everywhere they go, and are so fooled into thinking, that they can continue being friends with their teens.

Until one day, he’d yelled at you, and started ranting about what he’d hated you when you did this and that………

They are not the least bit articulate but, are very good at pushing you. Getting injured, is most definite, but that love that’s extended from and to the distances, how you’d, watched over him day and night, became treated like crap, who wouldn’t hurt!

they are just, so hard to live with, but it’s all, a process, not my photograph…

But, do believe, that things aren’t as serious as it’d seemed, and, it’s not hard at all, to patch things up between your teenager. So long as you’d already, established a good enough way of interactions, you only need to know: let him go, is the only way he’ll, be able to, run very far!

And of course, your teen knows your heart, he’d just, not wanted to, repay you back with obedience is all.

For him, at this very moment, he’d just, wanted to run out, underneath the scorching sun, and it didn’t matter to him if he’ll get sun burned; and he’d, casted aside that bottle of sun screen you’d given him, so every single hair follicle gets enough fresh air in.

You may feel that huge impact from the loneliness, the empty nest, mixed in with that confusion. It’s so hard, to find an exit, in love.

Do pick up that handheld mirror and look. Those wrinkles, carved out by your brows, with your sideburns mixed in with the whites. The rollers of time, had given you, wisdom and courage too, you’d become, beautiful, passionate, and sentimental. There’s still a really good future, for this, version of the brand new you.

Do treat the rebelliousness of your teen as a wave of change. He’d knocked on your doors, and reminded you, that it’s only human, to love being wild. Children are naturally, worries of a mother’s life sure, but, he won’t take up ALL of your life forever.

Giving to him too much will only cause an overflow of your expectations, this, is a scary positive correlation.

While that furry kid wanted to fly, do press down your own reset buttons, and find back that lost freedom that was, originally yours.

His sty is messy, just don’t look at it. Put a pause on the pick up and drop off, do download, that bus schedule app. No need to wake up in the morning to make the breakfasts for him anymore, he may be happy, to fix himself something to eat.

Giving him more rights, and, he shall, make the days easier for you.

All in all, you should thank that child, he is, the witness of your coming of age, he’d pinpointed out the truth and the falsities. So long as you’re willing to accept, you will become more honest because of him, introspect more because of him, get to know human nature because of him, and learn, to wait.

It’s a characteristic of our generation, to lose our focus, so, let’s all, squint out eyes together. When the line between the parent and child is unclear, that, is when you get along best with your teenager.

So, it would be, not at all, easy, to adapt, to having a teenager at home, because from before, that kid would always do what you told her/him to, and yet, this morning, s/he started picking out her/his own clothes, and, wanted more independent from you, and, this, may be the onset of your empty nest, and, you are the ones, who’d needed to, adjust to your young’s becoming more independence, and, this letter is a sort of an introspection of a mother of a teenager, writing to herself, to TEACH herself how to cope with this teenage young man she now has in her household.



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