The Very First Valentine’s Day She’d Spent, She’d Professed Her Love to Her Husband Who’s in a Vegetative State

The embodiment of “In sickness & in health, ‘til death” here, from the Newspapers, translated…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a married woman in Miaoli, Hsiu-Ying Lee, yesterday stood by her husband’s sickbed, and wished Guan a “Happy Valentine’s Day” aloud, this was, the very first time the married couple had spent Valentine’s Day together in thirty-one years’ of marriage they’d come to share.

Back in 1998, Guan was involved in a serious car wreck, had surgery on his brains, and, three years ago, he got into another serious wreck, and became a vegetable. Hsiu-Ying Lee would go to the Miaoli Nursing Home Unit set up by Genesis Org to visit him, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, Lee said that she’d wanted to have a special Valentine’s day with him, the Chocolate Farm in Dahu, Miaoli, took the task upon themselves, helped Lee make her dreams come true.

a photo of the woman, giving her husband the chocolates, from the papers…

昨天是西洋情人節,苗栗市婦人李秀英(圖右)昨天在病床旁大聲祝福植物人丈夫阿光「情...the woman presenting the chocolate she’d made to her bedridden husband…

The manager, Hu from Chocolate Farm yesterday went to Genesis’s chapter to teach Lee how to make the love chocolates, and used the chocolates they’d provided her, the whipped cream, along with strawberries, she’d made a specialty, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Guan” chocolate for her husband.

Yesterday, Lee spoke in a stuffed up voice, that marriage is for life, she’d decided, to stay by her husband in sickness and in health, and carried up the responsibilities, of caring for their children; in the past, the two of them busied about separately, never thought of spending Valentine’s Day together, as her husband became bedridden, she’d recalled how this is the very first time in the thirty-one years they’d been wed, that they’d spent the occasion together, she’d felt moved, and that it was, very special to her.

Guan’s son also wished his parents a happy Valentine’s Day via webcam, and wanted his dad, to “Stop sleeping already, to wake up soon!”, to not let mom stay in the house all alone on her own, and the scene was very moving.

So, this woman had, lived the vows, of in sickness and in health, ‘til death, she’d stayed by her husband since 1989, when he got into a car wreck, took care of him, like a good wife had, and, her love remained the exact same, as the day they were wed, and, I’m sure, that through the years, she’d, loved him more.


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