Play Those Drums in the Next Lifetime?


生活點滴下輩子再打? 圖/蔡侑玲

from the papers.



My second-grade son had been taking up jazz drumming for a short while now, the instructor, in order to get him more into it, would rearrange the popular tunes for him to play to; and so, I’d often seen him humming the tunes, while drumming, although he’d not beaten the drums on beat, but at least, he’s happy, practicing it.  Last month he’d just finished playing 9-1-1’s “Hip Hop in the Countryside”, the instructor immediately gave him “Bo Li” by Rong-How Lee, he’d kept complaining of how boring it was, my husband told him, “He’s the God of Poetry!  Learn this one well, then you’ll be able to, have your instructor rearrange Cao Cao by JayJay Lin.”


Hearing up to here, my son who loved those tales, immediately jumped up and started practicing his drumming hard, hoping that his instructor can rearrange the new sheet music for him the next time, so he can “travel through time” and share the moments in the life of one of the worst antagonist in history.


Last Friday after his class, I’d asked my son, “Did you get approved for ‘Bo Li’ yet?”  Can you start working on Cao Cao now?”, he looked gloomy, told me, “My teacher said ‘Cao Cao’ is too hard, that it’s going to get him to the next life time to make up the sheet music for it.”  “What?  Are you so awful in your skills?”, as I’d heard this, I couldn’t help, but feel upset, and I couldn’t, show my anger right then and there, and later, I couldn’t help but complained to my husband, “Even IF he didn’t play that well, the teacher still shouldn’t discourage him that it’s going to take until his next life time, to be able to play it?”


My husband looked at me with a confusion on his face, he couldn’t understand where I was coming from, until I’d told him of the entire conversation, then, he’d laughed hard, and explained to me, turns out, my son’s drumming instructor felt, that at his level, he should practice “Next Lifetime” by the group 911 first.


I’m so very, embarrassed, I am over forty, and I still got angered that easily, before I’d understood things, I’d almost, mistreated the instructor.  I thought about my own behaviors before bedtime, and recalled the story of “Dao Feng Buying His Shoes”.  During the Five Nations dynasty, Dao Feng and He-Ning were running the towns, they are totally opposites, one man had a type-A personality, the other, a type-B.  One day, He-Ning saw how Dao Feng was wearing the same pair of boots as he, he’d asked him, “May I ask how much you’d paid for those?” Dao Feng lifted up his left foot, said, “$900”, and, as He-Ning heard, he’d gotten furious, and grilled his servant.  As Dao Feng watched, he’d not said a thing, but after a short while, he’d, lifted up his right leg slowly, “this one, cost $900 too.”  Making everyone who’s in the house laugh aloud.


Some say, “Pride causes you to lose the etiquette, neglect causes you to lose benevolence, anger causes you to lose harmony, desires take morality away.”  This small incident had, made me introspect, that I should, hear the stories from top to bottom, then, decide on how I should handle the matters, otherwise, I would, make a huge joke of myself then.


So, this, is the importance of thinking twice, before blurting things out, because, when we encounter things that upset us in life, we have the tendency, to react right away, and at this time, it’s most important, we force ourselves to calm down, to allow things to sink in, before we react to the stimuli, otherwise, we may end up hurting someone without ourselves knowing it.



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