Why History, Had Never Been, One of My Strongest Suits?

Uh, hello, is anybody NOT seeing this???  It’s, ALL in the BACK (behind me???), it’s, over and DONE with, so, why the HELL even, dwell on it again, and again, and again, huh?


Besides, even IF I’d wanted something to do over again, I still couldn’t, because, there’s, NO time machine yet!  And, history became, quite, irrelevant to me in current time, because, what does history HAVE, to TEACH me about life, that I can’t, learn on my own, huh?  Plus, knowing me, I know, that I’m the kind of a kid, who’d, had to, TOUCH that hot burning stove to KNOW it’s actually hot, to LEARN, and I’d already, been burned, but QUITE a LOT of the fires in my life already.


Why history, had never been, one of my strongest suits?  Well, I suppose, it’s ‘cuz, I’m not, missing out on anything, even IF I lacked, the attentiveness, toward things that are, happening again, because, knowing the personality characters of people out there, history will, definitely, REPEAT itself, and, frankly, I want to, get OFF this god DAMN fence, been sitting on this stupid fence, and just, watched, that ball, get tossed, from one side, to the other, and back, and back, and back, again, and again, and again, and again, and, knowing how INTELLIGENT I am, I’m getting, really BORED here!!!



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