My Dreams of Being a Pianist

Dreams of his youth, and he’s finally, living it out, sorta…translated…


My affinity toward the piano, traces back to thirty years ago when I was in college.  Back then, the Prince of Piano from France, Richard Clayderman’s romantic songs were in, and it’d only took my classmate, just three short months, before he was able to, master, “Colorado Nights” so beautifully, I was, so envious of him, I’d immediately, gone, to take my lessons too.

not my photo.

After three months’ hard work, with my left hand playing harmony, the right melody, I was able to play the songs.  From the classics of “Moon River”, “Edelweiss”, “West Lake Spring”, to Richard Clayderman’s “Wedding in My Dreams”, “A Poem for Adeline”, etc., etc., etc., they’d all, flowed from my fingertips.


In graduate school, loving to sing, but not used the right way to make the sounds, it’d caused, my throat to become shut, the doctor told me to talk and sing less, my father saw how depressed I was slowly getting, and so, he’d, given me a piano as a gift, in those times of economic trials, so I can, live my dreams of playing music.  And since then, I’d played the tunes, based off of my ups and downs, on the piano, and even hoped, I could, meet someone who shared my love, like how the ancient musician, Ya Bo, who, NO matter what sort of a state of mind the pieces he’d played, his best friend, Zi-Chih Chung could always, come, to understand him well.


I’d sporadically took the lessons for a while, and, my love for playing the piano increased by the day, and, even as I’d, pursued that very first girlfriend, I’d taken her to a restaurant, with live pianist playing for our first date.  Or maybe, it’s because of how the mood was right, or how the music was beautiful, she’d, become my wife later.


Back then, there were, a ton of piano bars, and, it’d made me, longed for the work of being a “bar pianist”.  One day, I walked past a piano instruction class with the “Wanted: Pop Piano Teacher”, I’d started thinking, if I can’t be a pianist at a piano bar, then, being a piano teacher that helps someone learn the instrument isn’t, all that bad!  I’d, pushed the door open, and told the receptionist I wanted to apply for the job, and, my interviewer had me play a song of my choosing, I’d chosen the French tune, “Autumn Leaves”.


As I sat myself down, I’d kept, using the techniques, to cover up my panic inside, and during which time, I’d also, attempted to, recreate the look of the autumn leaves turning red and yellow, and falling since.  After what seemed like a century long, my three minute performances were, over, and the interviewer told me kindly, that I did well, and asked me to head home to wait for their calls.  I’d believed her, and, this wait lasted, twenty whole years!


the sheet music…ffrom online…Later on, I’d often, joked with my wife, I’m sure, that the post carrier had, tossed my acceptance letter for the job, and destroyed my dreams of becoming a piano player.  But, if I had, gotten the job, my halfway skills, would’ve, ruined, some younger generation of players that’s for sure.


Although I’d, strayed off of the path to the dreams of becoming a “piano bar performer”, but now, I’d, enjoyed my time of entertaining myself, and at home, my wife had become, my biggest fan.


So, you’d, given this dream of yours, a SHOT, and didn’t get to finally live it, but, hey, that, is just how life goes sometimes, and, looking back, playing piano at that interview, must’ve been a distinct memory to you.



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