A Change in the Mindset

From the doctor’s office, translated…

From before I was very ambitious, always wanted to go to the voluntary medical treatment calls in the distant regions or abroad a lot, but, there were rarely, enough opportunities for me to do so per year. This year, I’d found, that rather than traveling abroad, I should, focus on my small doctor’s office here, that in this small space, I can accomplish, quite a lot, actually.

The biggest difference in opening up an office in the country versus in the city is in that there’s more of that close connection from doctor to patients, so long as we are genuine toward one another, the patients would often bring by their own homegrown produces, but, they were, too many in number I couldn’t manage to finish them all, and at the end, most of it became rotten, and, it wasn’t right, throwing away ALL of these amazing produces. A brand new year came, and I’d had the thought, of setting up a “Free produce exchange” platform in my clinic. Whenever I’d had a low-income patient, I’d given him a free bag of rice, with some freshly grown produce; shared some of the baked goods and fruits with the foreign nurse’s aides who’d wheeled in the elderly; and for those children who cried out of fear, I’d, handed them the stickers and some candy. And by so doing, my originally, icy, cold and boring office came to life suddenly.

Some says, after age forty, we should live the life of reduction, I hope, that my wanting less and less every single day, will give me that peace of mind and that fulfillment inside.

So, this, is a person’s wish for himself, and, his office became an exchange of things, and, it’s by this way of thought that will keep his clinic up and running, because the doctor has a heart of giving back to the community, without caring what he got out of it, and that, is how a good doctor should be.


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