We Sisters Five

The paths we took, to where we currently are, and, we’re, still, so very close to each other, the love and connection shared by these sisters, translated…

My mother had five daughters in seven years, and so, our ages are very close, and, naturally, we looked alike as well, but, to be at the same height, at around the same weight, that, would be nothing easy. But, just how alike are we all?   Let me give you a few examples.

Once we gone to Bamboo Lake’s taro field taking our own selfies, unknown person A saw, and started hollering out, “You look like quintuplets!”, and there was that other time when we went on a hiking pass, a woman passed me by and, asked abruptly, “Hey, weren’t you just, in there?” During the time when my mother was hospitalized, the five of us looked after her in shifts without fail, and, as I’d asked her primary physician about her condition, he’d replied in an impatient manner, “Didn’t I just explain it to you?”, I knew, he must, have misrecognized us again.

老媽七年連生五女,所以我們姊妹年齡差距不大,樣子像同一個模子刻出來的也是自然,但...here is the whole gang!  Picture from the papers…

Every time the five of us got together, we’d, become, noisy like birds, and so, everywhere we are, we’d often, gotten the attention of passersby, and, there would be, fellow hikers who’d greeted us, “You are all, sisters, right?”, “You ladies are so very close!”, “Let me guess, which one of you is the eldest and which is the youngest.” Then, the person would, look at us closely, and, guessed based off of her/his sixth sense, and, if the individual guessed wrong, then, s/he would stomp and look upset, but if s/he’d guessed right, s/he then, high-five her pals. The five of us going out, we’d become, of entertainment values, that, would be, an added perk, I suppose.

The fourth youngest of us was the one with the highest degree, back then, the five of us slept in a big bed together, shared one desk, and, she, being very slow, had never won at it, and so, she’d taken the advantage of the time the rest of us are fighting over who gets what, to take the bedroom all to herself, and catch up on her sleep first, as the rest of us turn in at night, she’d, waken up, and started studying, on that desk the five of us all had to share. This way of reverse operations, it’d led her all the way to her doctoral degree, and she’d started teaching as a professor too. As she’d started lecturing us, it’d, made us all silent, and bow down to her, but, her biggest downfall was “a total lack of sense of directions”, she made the most classic of the errors of those without a sense of direction, and, we’d often, brought it up, to make fun at her for it.

Back then, the MRT Muzha line wasn’t operating yet, the five of us after eating and drinking, we’d started, heading toward Hsintien, my fourth youngest sister lived in Muzha from her high school years to after she’d married, it’s, her area, she’d hollered out to us, “Take the bus to Taipei Main Station, then, transfer onto the MRT to Hsintien. Let’s set out!”, we’d followed her order, without doubting, only my son, who was in middle school back then didn’t move an inch, he’d told us, “Muzha is neighboring Hsintien, it’s not that far away by walking, why would we need to, go all the way around?”, that, was when Professor Liu realized it, and started making fun of herself, “Such, an awakening!”

back when we were younger, not my photo…

My second youngest, third youngest, and fifth youngest sisters shared the same interests, they all studied accounting, and started working in related fields after graduation. We’d paid the mutual funding to my fifth youngest, and she’d taken care of the expenses of everything we do together as a group, and, after the meals, when it was time to pay, the three of them always got together and started whispering, would using coupons save more, or, would the credit cards give them more of a discount? Then, they’d, looked up at the ceiling together, and did the math mentally, and, with them nickeling and diming like so, it did, save us a lot of money.

From when we were little, we’d fought like crazy, refused to let each other get the upper hand, but, as we aged, we’d become, closer, and closer to each other, we couldn’t, take our parents’ last words lightly one bit. As for me, I am, the eldest, but, people who didn’t know us would often mistaken us, because I looked, almost exactly the same as my fifth youngest sister, and, we are, confusing to outsiders, and, from before when we’d fought over the reading desk, I’d used my being the eldest to win, but, I’d not made better grades, and, I’m also, easily lost on the roads like my fourth sisters, the only outstanding thing about me was, that I’m past age sixty, and still have 20/20 vision, and, as we ordered the items on the menus, everybody relied on me, to read out the items to them.

and now, we’re, all grown, not my photo still…

This is a group of five sisters, and, surely, when they were growing up, they fought a lot, but, after they got older, they realized the importance of having each other’s love and support, and, they’d, complimented one another too, which, was what made them fit together as a whole group that well.


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