It’s Not a Matter of “One of Two”

It’s NOT ANYBODY else’s decision BUT her own, so, WHY won’t the family members, just let HER decide for herself, W-H-O she is to marry??? A Q&A, translated…

Q: Her Rich Ex and Her Current Boyfriend Who’s Poor, I’m Against My Older Marrying Either One of Them…I’d received a letter from M, who’s worried about who her older sister is dating. M is from a nuclear family of four members, and since her older sister was younger, she’d been excellent, and naturally, their parents worried about her making friends and dating. M stated, that her older sister had gone out with two boyfriend the first one was from a background of doctors and physicians, but, the guy’s family looked down on her older sister who was working on her graduate studies, and the guy didn’t treat her older sister right. They’d dated for a couple of years, after her older sister who’d gotten her graduate degree decided to test for a public position, the man broke up with her, and yet, after her older sister managed to pass the public services exams, he’d wanted her back again.

And now her sister’s boyfriend is a public office worker, not from a really well-to-do family background, his younger sister is mildly retarded, and, the entire household economics all landed on him solely; and, worrying about issues such as genetics, M’s parents were totally against her older sister and him together, and they’d wanted her to go back and marry her ex-boyfriend.

And because of their parents’ being against it, M’s older sister hadn’t gone home in six months, and, the parents had, banned M from contacting her sister too. Her mother wanted her older sister to marry her ex, and her older sister only wants to marry her current boyfriend, as for M, she didn’t want her sister to marry her ex OR her current, what, should she do?

A My Advice

Who, does the older sister marry, it’s not longer a problem of one of two anymore, as the ex already struck out, there’s only M’s mother, who’s still, daydreaming. Did you notice, your older sister’s ex-boyfriend’s family believed, that they’re, higher than your family, and, your family felt, that her current boyfriend’s family was, LOWER than yours; you’d based your views on the boyfriends on external factors, wouldn’t this be, too narrowminded?

I strongly advise, that you STAY out of it, instead, you should, help your mother and older sister communicate better, to have her bring her current boyfriend over more, to see, if they’re suited to marry; if so, do have your mother let go, if not, ask your sister to think things over more. Aren’t all parents want what’s best for their young? Do take a step backward each, and, think on each other’s behalf more.

So, this, is how it goes, the family, after the older sister DUMPED her rich ex-boyfriend and started dating her current, less-well-to-do boyfriend, they now have a basis for comparison, and naturally, this current boyfriend doesn’t look like much, compared to the ex, but, because of how the man’s from a family of various situations, the parents worried about genetics, which is, still WAY too soon to be thinking about right now, they’re JUST dating, nothing’s happened yet, and, it’s still NOT up to her parents, OR M, to decide WHO her sister will marry, after all, it’s HER life, she should have the SAY in W-H-O she’ll marry!


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