My Very First Dance, the Memories of My Youth

These, are the memories of that first dance that you will, NEVER forget, translated…

My first dance happened, on the verge of starting my last year in high school.

It was the era of the college entrance exams, it’s also that era, where the adults would warn the kids on not to start dating until you were accepted into a college, that only the awful children would go ice skating at the Ice Palace. In order to help the younger generations become more active, the city government had, hosted a summer dance at the city’s gymnasium. Mom worried that by staying all day in my room, hitting the books too hard, I might fall ill, so, she’d, urged me to find someone I can go to the dances with.

someone’s prom photos, found online…

Really unwilling, I can only, pull along my best friend, she’d made up an excuse of how she’s going to cram at the study center, then, slipped away from her house. The two of us took advantage of this opportunity we’d gotten, headed over to the bookstores to shop around, then, made our ways to the ice shops to have some ice, then, right before the dance was over, we’d, made it in, to see what it was about.

The gigantic gymnasium was bright as day, you can clearly one another’s pimples that’s for sure. The teenagers, the adults, the children too, all gathered together, and swayed on with the unknown music that played on. The free throw line of the basketball court seemed, out of place at this time.

As I was sitting on the side, watching and laughing at the happening on the dancefloor, two guys out of nowhere asked us to dance, I’d become, stunned, I’d turned my head toward my best friend, and, waited for her, to tell these two unwelcomed intruders to, BUZZ off, but, she’d, nodded yes! When I came to, I was already, standing, in the middle of the dance floor, and, joined in with the laughing crowd I was just watching.

oops!!!  not my photo…

Back then, I’d felt so awkward, and just wanted to escape, and yet, the song that played was a slow one. Because I’d never danced before, I kept, stepping on his toes, and so, until the end of the song, I’d, glued my eyes onto his feet, fearing, that I might, step on him too hard.

And just like so, in my awkward teenage years, on that bright-as-day basketball court, my first dance became, history.

And, I can’t even remember what the guy I was dancing with looked like the very next day, but, those white sneakers with the green laces, I will, forever remember them.

Such an interesting way, remembering that very first dance you’d gone to, isn’t it? Because you were teens, feeling awkward, and a bit shy, perhaps??? And, that, was why all you can remember about the guy you danced with, was his shoes and laces, but, it makes, an interesting story for you to tell…

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