The Snow, Waiting…

Nostalgia, mixed in, with a small hint of regret here, translated…

The snowflakes fell slowly.

A world of white, in this simple structured photo, pushed aside the pine forest, like in a dream.

It was the summer of that year, my father came to visit me, in the northern worlds where I was staying.

not my photo…

But, because of my course load, I’d, gone out early in the morn, returned late to home.

My father had trekked across the open plains on his own, walked into the woods, then, waited for me, on that bench.

One day, my father asked me, “Do you know what the plain will look like when the snow falls?”, I’d shaken my head.

He’d continued, “Even IF the grasses were buried underneath deep layer of snow, you can still feel, how hard and strong they are beneath the heavy layer of snow.”

I looked lost, “Then, the next time there’s snow, we’ll, go check it out, how’s that?”, my father said sure.

After my father returned to Taiwan, I’d often, trekked along the roads my father walked on, sat on that park bench, and waited, silently.

But, as the snow covered up the world, quickly, covered up the footprints, my father didn’t make his date with me at all.

not my animation…

Later, I’d, left too.

Leaving behind, just that lone park bench, waiting on, that promise solitarily.

Many years later, as I lifted my head toward the north, I couldn’t help, but thought about, how that chair looked, and, how the plains, covered with snow looked like.

So, there’s, that scent of nostalgia, hints of regret too, for NOT being there to see the sights with his own father, but, that, is how life goes, when the moments passed, you will never, GET them back again, and this teaches us to, take advantage of every moment in life that we’re being given…


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