A Teacher for Life

The dedication of a teacher, surely to follow his students throughout their whole lives, the effects that teachers can make on the students’ lives, translated…

Without the obituaries, the post had only be shared, for no more than a week, on this very day, there were, over a hundred, they’d all come, to remember you. The location was at the school you’d taken the courses in for six years, the place you’d, taught in, there were, markings of your youth, also, those moments of sacrifice you’d given to others.

We work together, I am nine years old than you, and because of an opportunity to work together, because we’re similarly built, you’d called me, “older brother” out of respect, and I’d, gratefully, noted you as “younger brother”, and that, was how we became, friends. You were a homeroom instructor in the middle school departments, and, I wasn’t lucky enough, to teach English to your class; you were also, the mathematics instructor of the high school department, and, you’d taught my science group of students for two years. If we weren’t that close, I may have to, get jealous of you. During those years, my students had mentioned, “Mr. Weng”, more than they’d mentioned me, Sam, their homeroom instructor, and, “Mr. Weng said” always weighed more heavily than “Sam said”. I was very close to my students, and yet, you’d easily won them over, but, I’m very glad, that my students had an amazing teacher like you. And, naturally, those who’d come back to help, were members from this group of students, and, from just that, I’d known, that you’d not been giving to them, with nothing in return at all.

After you’d received your doctorate, you could originally gone to the universities to teach, but, you’d still stayed in the middle and high school levels, because you wanted to give back to your alma mater. You’d taken the students to work on their science fair projects, taught G.T. classes after the school ended during the daytime, you’d, stayed after school to watch over your students to study in the evenings, maybe, it’s, how you’d strained your body so, it’d caused those red alerts on your health. In the two years’ you’d fought with your illness, although the school kept your spot while you were on leave, you’d still come back to school to visit the kids. This, was you, Weng, who’d always, placed your students first.

On your wake, we’d played a secretively filmed footage of you, singing to your class. That time, you’d used “These Invisible Wings” to encourage your students, “These invisible wings Making dreams longer than eternity, Save just one wish, to allow ourselves, to imagine………”, and from here on out, we shall all, miss you, using these, invisible wings too, we’d all learned from you, “A teacher for a day, a teacher for life”.

This, is how much influence a great instructor can have on her/his students, and, because this man teaches his class using a manner that was responded so well by the students, he’d touched the lives of all his students, he will surely be missed.


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