It’s No JOKE, She’s, Really Gone

Did I hear, a man becoming INCOMPETENT, after his wife “deserted” him there???

It’s no JOKE, she’s really gone, how can she, just throw away, ALL those years of marriage we’d come to share, plus the two kids we’d had together? She’d become, totally, IRRESPONSIBLE, abandoning me and our teenage children!

It’s no JOKE, she’s, really gone, she’d, made her escape, from this FIVE-BEDROOM P-R-I-S-O-N you’d built up to keep her locked up in, and, she ain’t NEVER comin’ back again, she’d, set up her mind, on starting a new life all on her own.

not my photo…

But, how can she? I needed her to cook my three meals for me, to lay out my clothes for work, to pack up my lunch, so I don’t have to spend all those money on food at lunch at the office. And, she’d taken, my golf gear too, that woman!

It’s NO joke, she’s, really gone, and she’d not even bothered, to have an attorney send me a divorce paper (I mean, if she’d done that, I may have a small chance, of tracking her down, but no, she’d left me, with NOTHING to go on!). It’s NO joke, she’s, really gone, I’d made a good life for her, she’d not needed to work like I had, all she needed to do, was to keep the household clean, take care of our two teenage sons, prepare the meals, do ALL the household chores, like my mother had done, how hard can that be? And, my mama took good care of me there…

It’s NO joke, she’s, really gone, and, she’d, left the only life she’d known after she graduated school and met up with her now, EX-husband. She’d decided, to make a life for herself, she’d moved, into the city on her own, found herself an apartment to live in, started her brand new life, leaving behind EVERYTHING that was familiar to her before, everything she’d known, a husband who didn’t appreciate her at all, two sons who treated her like the household maid, and oh, her mother-in-law who constantly talked TRASH about her too, she’d, left ALL of that behind………


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