Accidental, a Poem

A weird creature that took up residence in our community here, translated…

There Had Been

The Accidental Sightings of a Family of Owls

That Took Up Residence in the Oak Tree in the Community

During the Day

looks something like this…NOT my photo…

My Wife Pointed & Asked:

That Pair of Night Owls Silently Existed

Opening & Closing Their Eyes………

——————————What’s Wrong with Them?

Did Fate Blind Them? Sent Them Here,

Where They Weren’t Supposed to Be

another one of those little critters, photo from online…

This Estrangement from Dreams, or Just Wanted to

Possess the Nights?

We’d Walked Underneath the Trees

And Treated It as the Nighttime Already

So, this, is something that’s by accident, perhaps, the owls’ former habitats were, destroyed, and, they’d found a new home in the narrator’s community, and, the narrator and his wife’s schedules were affected by the presences of these animals too, that, is how closely related to nature humans are, without even knowing it.

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