Coping with the Retirement Panic

In need of an alternative perspective on things, because you have so much free time to you after you retired, translated…

I’d gone to help my mother with planting on the weekends up the mountains, I’d started talking with her on my sense of panic that came with retiring. She’d consoled with me, that leaving the job opening to someone else can be a good thing too, because it’s highly competitive in the workforce, we’d often looked upon other people’s status quo with envy, and started seeking after it blindly. And, after we’d finally worked our ways up, it’s time for us, to let it all go, naturally, we’d felt, unfair, but, that, is life. In order to get the best results, we’d grilled our subordinates and coworkers, but now, we’d become, more tolerant, more understanding, it’s because we’d learned to be humble. without retirement, we will become, too proud, and, can easily cause the younger generations to lose their drives in work too.

My mother consoled with me, if I’m about to retire, then, I probably had stopped making comparisons with my coworkers, and, I’d be better at cherishing how we’d worked so well together, the trials we’d gone through together. She’d wanted me to apologize to those coworkers whom I’d gotten on bad terms with, and thank those who’d helped me become better in the job before I retired.

After hearing my mother, I’d felt better. Retirement marks the end of the working careers, although it’s hard to let go, but, it’s an inevitable part of life. My mother often said, “When we keep ourselves busy during the daytime, we get to have a good night’s sleep,”, it seems, it’s time, for me, to search for a brand new start to my life now.

So, this, is the adjustment in the mindset of someone who’s about to retire and, you need to mentally prepare yourselves for your retirements, because, everything WILL be different now, you may have gone from a bigshot at the office, to a little NOBODY, and you will have to, set up your life all over again, this, is precisely W-H-Y, retirement can be very difficult adjust to for some people.


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