Hoarding These Memories…

These memories, are what keeps me going, they’d become, this vital source of my life, and I must, have them close to me at all times.

Hoarding these memories, they’d become, the purpose of why I’m still here, I’d, lived on these memories, how they’d, made me feel, even if, they’re, no longer true, but, having them, somehow, I’d feel, that I’m, okay!

these, are the things that keeps us trapped…not my photo

Hoarding these memories, I won’t ever, let them go, how can I? I’d, cherished them so, and now, you’re telling me, to rid myself of them all at once? No way! I won’t, you’re going to, have to, PRY them out of these dead hands of mine………

Hoarding these memories, it’s not good for you, by holding on too tight, you’re, keeping yourselves, from moving on, but hey, what can you do, when all these memories, are the only things left by the person who’d, left your side?

Hoarding these memories, I shall, because I don’t know how, to live without you in my life, because I still can’t envision myself, living my life without you, and, it just hurt, every time I’d started thinking of living without you, so yeah, I suppose, I’ll, hoard these memories a little bit longer, until, until I’m able to, get off of them (like an addiction???) step, by step, little, by little, each, and every day………

not my photo…


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