The Matchmaker

Fate still worked, in mysterious ways, translated…

After Li-Wen visited his classmates, he’d driven at night back to his place in Kaohsiung. He’s twenty-four, just got out of the services, studied in civil engineering, within just a month out of the services, he’d found work in a construction company. Because of the weekend traffic, he’d avoided the freeways and gone on the farmer’s roads. He drove past an unpopulated road, with the fruit farms on both sides, where his beams were, there was, a motorcycle that lay to the side of the road, and next to it, was someone who’d fallen to the side. Li-Wen got out of his car and checked, there was a man, moaning in pain, it was, a slightly heavy middle aged man, he’d called out, “My leg is bleeding, my ankle hurt!”

Li-Wen was trained in first aid, he saw a small wound on the ankle, still bleeding, Li-Wen asked him to move his ankle slowly, he’d screamed out in pain, but can still move his ankle. Li-Wen asked him, “Were you hit by a car?”

The man said, “No, I fell on my own.”

the matchmaker with the bride & groom, photo from online…

Li-Wen decided not to notify the police, it seemed that he didn’t dislocate his joints, probably just a sprain, it would take time for the ambulance, he’ll lift him there himself, he’d told the man, “I’ll drop you off to the Tainan Hospital’s Hsin-Hua Subbranch, just ten minutes’ ride.” Li-Wen went back to his car, grabbed a towel, and wetted the towel with the water in the bottle, wrapped up the man’s ankles, then, with the small first-aid kit, used the alcohol, the cotton swab, the tape, to treat the surface wounds. He’d helped the limping man to his car. The man said, “Sorry to trouble you. May I borrow your phone, to call my wife.”   He’d told his wife to get a truck to pick up his motorcycle, then, drive to the Hsin-Hua Subbrach to pick him up, and continued to moan and groan in pain.

Li-Wen registered him for the Emergency Room, after the X-rays, the doctor told, “It’s a sprain, within twenty-four hours of injury, put ice on it first, then, after twenty-four hours………”, as the doctor told, a middle-aged woman entered into the treatment room, and started ranting, “Injured, so careless!”

Li-Wen saw his wife was there, and so, he’d, left quietly, to get on his way.

As the couple, the Lees returned home, and after the man put the ice packs on his ankle, he’d hollered, “Man, I’d forgotten to ask that young man’s name, I should thank him………” at this time, their high school age daughter returned home from her cram school session. She’d asked about her father’s injury and what happened to him, then, “How was the man who helped you?”

Mr. Lee said, “he’s a kind hearted gentleman, he’d helped wrapped up my injured ankle, took me to the hospitals, even paid for my hospital registration fees, and was there as the doctor treated me. And I don’t know when he’d left, just remembered that he wasn’t that tall, very dark-skinned. I don’t know how to find him again.”

not my cartoon…

Ting-Ting Lee said, “Didn’t you borrow his cell phone? There would be his number on mom’s phone.”

Mr. Lee said, “No, I’d called home, there’s NO record. But, he’s very kind, wouldn’t care if someone he’d helped said thank you to him. Let’s do good things too, to pay back his kindness.

Mr. Lee sold teas, and, every Saturday morning, he’d had his wife take care of the shop, and, started volunteering at the information desk of the Hsin-Hua Hospital on the weekends. Ting-Ting was influenced by her father, and gotten involved in her middle school’s volunteer functions.

Three years later, Ting-Ting Lee is twenty years old, starting working on her undergrad at a university by the sea on her foreign language degree as a sophomore. The female students of the foreign language department had the reputations of being beautiful, Ting-Ting was sweet looking, but, very down-to-earth, and her roommate, Hsiu-Li was beautiful like a flower, outgoing, the two of them were nicknamed the dual-beauties of the college of liberal arts, they both had half a dozen of suitors. Ting-Ting chose Hang, a third-year math major, he had beautiful brows and eyes, but, was only four centimeters taller than Ting-Ting. Hsiu-Li asked Ting-Ting, “Why don’t you go out with that tall and handsome information technology major? A lot of girls liked him.”

Ting-Ting said, “There’s no chemistry. He’d invited me to the movies three times, and, the topics of the film were all on IT robots, I’m really, disinterested, so I’d, turned him down. Hang would find the heartfelt movies online, did you see the “Thieves of Time”? After we’d watched we’d discussed the movie for over an hour, we always have a lot to talk about.” After Hsiu-Li heard, she’d understood something.

not my art…

Ting-Ting saw a poster at the office of student affairs, the school was collaborating with the native service unit on a summer’s volunteering teaching amp, to go to the Wu-Tai Elementary School in the mountains of Pingdong to teach the native students English and math. Ting-Ting found Hang, along with two of her girl classmates from the foreign language department to join, including Hsiu-Li. Three weeks before they set out, the foundation sent a leader to give an orientation, and to train them on the design of the courses. As the students saw the leader, they’d guessed that he was, a native, with dark skin, deep eyes, not tall, but, very sturdy, he was, Li-Wen Yo, he took a leave of absence with the construction company to lead the team of students. And yet, as he’d opened up, the students forgot to guess at which tribe he was. He’d spoken perfect Chinese, he’d introduced the students to what the minds of the children entailed, the suggestions he’d made of the course designs were, right on the money, and, his genuine nature had, touched them all. Hsiu-Li felt, that of ALL the male classmates she’d know, none of them was like him, so full of life, so passionate.

The group of ten students, under the lead of Li-Wen Yo, started teaching over thirty children in games, in the evenings, the male and female college students bunked in two separate classrooms. On the evening of the fourth night, they’d set up a barbeque bonfire with the teachers of the elementary school. Hsiu-Li sat next to Li-Wen said, “After the bonfire, would you like to take a walk with me? I want to ask you about volunteering.”

The sun had set, the western sky was covered with the colors of the dusk, with the layers of mountains underneath, the fog became like the waves, rolled between the mountains. They’d sat down by the rock next to the pass. Hsiu-Li asked, “Did you often lead these teams? Can you take so many leaves from work?”

In the dying light Hsiu-Li’s delicate face seemed to have been drawn from the calligraphy strokes, there was that gentle, blinking light in her eyes. Li-Wen smiled and told her, “I was lucky, with an understanding manager. He was satisfied at my work performances, and he’d volunteered at the museum of modern arts a lot himself. So, he’d allowed me to take four breaks, to teach voluntarily at the natives’ elementary schools.”

Hsiu-Li asked, “When will you go next time?”

Li-Wen said, “in about a month, in August, to an elementary school at Alishan.”

Hsiu-Li said excitedly, “I’ll sign up now.”

Two years ago, right after Hsiu-Li graduated, she’d married Li-Wen. But, nobody knew that the REAL matchmaker was Ting-Ting’s father, Mr. Lee, the Mr. Lee who’s decided to pay back the kindness by performing random acts of kindness over five years ago.

So, this, is interesting, how fate worked, and, this, is a love that’s written in the stars, and, it’s still fate that’s, brought these two young people together, of course, the elders had, paved the way for them from before.


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