The Mimosa & the Dandelion, My Dual Personalities

Changes in her personality traits, due to the demands of her work, and growth too, translated…

From when I was younger, I’d always been, shy, whenever guests would arrive at my home, I’d scurried away and hidden myself out of sight; the very first day of school, I’d clung on so tightly to my parents’ legs, refused to head into the class; in high school, the teacher wanted us to talk in English, I’d immediately lowered my gazes, and, curled my body together, and prayed real hard, don’t pick my number………

I’d entered into university, majored in Chinese, and, I’d carried on with the gentle teachings of the ancient Chinese verses arrived at school every day to class, and in my spare time, I’d gone to the libraries to read, lived on very lowkey. As the autumn sun shone so warmly, I’d carried out a book of Chinese poetry, lay by the streams on the green pastures, played with the leaves of mimosa, seeing how the leaves would close and the stems dropped slowly; I’d, loved that feeling that scent of shyness brought to me.

the mimosa…not my photo…

As I’d started working, I’d chosen a profession in teaching, and my originally shy temperament became, all of a sudden, active and outgoing. At first I was still adjusting, and yet, faced with those teenage devils, didn’t know where my courage came from, I’d known, that sometimes, classroom management was way more important than the lessons taught in class.

The work of a teacher drags on without end, sent off the older students, ushered in the new, every time when one of my graduates came back to visit, I’d felt so very moved by them.

And now, the campus is filled up with the small yellow blossoms, and they’d turned into fuzzy balls of white, turned into the dandelions. The wind started blowing, the seeds were carried away, I am a Mimosa pudica, but I’m, also, a dandelion.

and we have here now, the dandelion…

photo from online…So, this, is the changes that this woman noticed in herself, she was very shy, it’s a part of her temperament, but, as she’d started working, she’d chosen the profession of teaching, and, she’d needed to, adjust her own temperament, in order to effectively teach her students, and, she’d made the adjustments, became more outgoing, and now, she was both the temperaments of the mimosa as well as the dandelion in her!


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