Retired, and Taking the Cycling Trip to Mt. Fuji

Sharing a life together, after we both retired, translated…

In recent years, thanks to my son who works in an airline, my husband and I were able to get the discounted prices for flights, we’d gone all over the world to travel; in my husband’s careful planning, we were able to, manage those impossible missions that our relatives wanted to venture out on.

“Everyone on board, now, we are, flying, right over Mt. Fuji, you may look out the windows on your right, then, you will get a close look at the snow-covered peak of the highest mountain in Japan.” Wow, the Japanese announcement from the captain excited us, we’d all looked out the window, to look upon this sacred mountain of Japan, and this had, become, a good start, of our trip to cycle across the five lakes of Fuji.

老後生活銀髮族五湖單車遊 圖/黃鼻子from the papers…

This trip to the both of us, approaching sixty, is a never-before challenge. From the tuning up of our bicycles before the trips, to mapping out the specific routes we would be taking, it’d been, challenging, to us both on our first trip cycling out. As we arrived to the airport, we’d gotten out our two folding bicycles, which gotten the attention of everybody who was there, and I can tell, they were all wondering: what sort of activities are those two planning?

Our folding bicycles had accompanied us across the Pacific, rode with us on the busses, arrived to this bed and breakfast with a garden. The hospitable owner led us to the matted guest bedrooms, and, after we’d changed into the loose and comfortable kimonos, we sat on the lanai, looking at the pale moon, we looked at each other, and smiled.

五湖 的圖片結果what the place looked like, photo from online…

The very next morn, as the sunlight came to the eastern skies, the birds accompanied us on this trip across the lakes, the gentle sunshine accompanied us all the way, and, we took in, the beautiful scenes of the lake and the mountains too, the gentle breezes brushed across our cheeks, washed away our fatigue from the travels, and, it’d helped us become more energetic and more spirted too.

Just like so, we were able to, “collect” ALL the lakes at the foot of Mt. Fuji! As we’d become fatigued with riding, we’d sat down on the pastures by the lakes, have a cup of coffee, and, enjoyed the sights that nature has given to us, it’s, as if, we’d, become ONE with nature there.

“Younger married couple turned into companions at old age”, this was the most correct phrase to describe our relationship, we’d stayed and worked on the farms and read books, and enjoyed the same hobbies at home, and, from time to time, we get the chance, to hold hands, to go travel together, we’d totally, lived out the verses of Ju-Yi Bai, the poet, that’s for certain!

let’s go on our wild adventures together…not my photo…

So, this, is how the two of these people had shared their lives together after they both retired, they both loved traveling, and had gone to places, and they rode together on their bikes, and they’re, very well connected with each other, even AFTER they both retired, because they’d taken the time, to established that shared interests from before. What, a great retirement it is, for them both!!!


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