Jojo’s Very First Perfect Score

Setting that goal for herself, and, working, REALLY hard toward it, and finally, she had, achieved the goals she’d set for herself, translated…

“Wow, I finally got my very FIRST perfect score in life!”, my younger cousin, Jojo looked at the caretaker’s certification she had in her hand, she cried from joy.

At age forty-two, Jojo told me, that since the monthly exams in the elementary school years, all the way into middle school, high school, the assortments of examinations she’d ever taken, she’d never made a perfect score. Especially she’d always flunked in the math courses, and, right before her graduation from technical high school, something drastic happened to her and her families, and she couldn’t keep getting educated, she can only started working in a diner, to help make the money, to keep her household going. At age twenty-five, she’d married a husband who is only a “sixty”, because she believed, that she didn’t deserve better, so, she only found herself, a husband who’d met the minimum requirements; but, a couple of years after they were wed, her husband used her name and committed a fraud, she was found guilty and sent to prison, although she felt angered by this, there was still, NOTHING she can do about it.

But, she was blessed because of serving time. During the time she was serving, the prison had held the caretakers’ certification course, she believed this to be an excellent opportunity, that the population is aging fast in Taiwan, and there’s this, LACK of caretaking personnel; in the courses in prison, they’d not only helped the inmates gain a life skill, to help them find jobs after they are released, it can also, help make up for the lacking in the long-term care system too.

And so, Jojo worked hard, learned how to care for the elderly, like how to help them change into clean clothes, helping them get on and off their beds, and helping them into their wheelchairs, and the harder processes of administering the food intake through feeding tubes, CPR, Jojo was very disciplined, in demanding that she knows ALL the methods of caretaking, and set her goals to earn a “Basic Level Caretaker certification”.

Her hard work didn’t go to waste, after she’d served her time in prison, she’d successfully, passed her test, and gotten certified as a caretaker of the elderly.

Seeing how she hugged her certification in her arms, running around, hollering excitedly, I think, that even IF the hardships in her work will come only later, but, I’m still, MORE than certain, that she will find fulfillment, and finally taste the sweetness of the fruits of her hard labor.

This, is how a woman managed to, turn her own life around with her hardworking mannerism, and, because she’d settled in the past, thought that she only deserved so little, that, was what ruined her life from before, but, as she went through the job training provided by the prison here, she’d found a new purpose in life, and, she’s now, working hard, toward that goal, achieving the dreams she has set up for herself.


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