The Rooster Feathers that Covered Up My Math Class

Something you will, NEVER forget, even IF you’d tried, translated…

“Everybody in the class IS a P-I-G!”, everybody whose name was called in class, didn’t dare making a single sound, picked up the thrown out test papers, slipped back into one’s own seat quickly, sat on edge.

This, was what it’d looked like in my math class in high school, my instructor is a famous math teacher, and he’d often, lectured so passionately about it, and his last words were always, “Any questions?” and still, he’d not known, that we can’t even find a way to ask him the questions we have on the course, given how dry and boring the contents of his class. Seeing how nobody asked a question, the instructor gave the class a pop quiz, and, the grades, naturally, as you can imagine. And so, everybody became “dead pigs” in my math instructor’s mind, and, mathematics became, synonymous with “horror”.

not my photo…

That day, the moment the instructor set foot into the class, the whole class got rowdy. Everybody opened up her/his eyes wide, none of us can believe, that our normally straight-faced teacher, had rooster feathers covering up his clothes! From his hair to his pants, any movement he’d made, he’d made the slightest feather dance off of him. Turns out, he’d owned and operated a chicken farm, and, he may have been off with the time, after he’d fed his fowls, didn’t have the time to wash and clean himself off, rushed to work.

Ever since, there’s, a little extra imagination in the math courses, we’d all, imagined him with the trigonometry measuring tool, the hands that carried up that huge protractor, how was he able to, scoop up the chicken feeds; and his lips that lectured endlessly on sine and cosine, making the clucking sound to get the chickens to come get their feed; what, are the difference in my instructor’s behaviors, when he’s lecturing in class, versus when he’s feeding the chickens in the coups? All of us, sitting in the seats, looked like we’re, listening to him lecture, with great focus, but we couldn’t help, but expected to find, those feathers of the chickens he’d kept on him.

caring for these fowls, you can’t expect, NOT to get dirty!!!  Not my photograph…

So, this, is a prominent memory for you, because the way your instructor looked in class, was so totally different from the way he’d carried himself, and, it’d added more freshness to your lives, sitting in his math lectures…


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