A Case of the Mondays

DAMN, it’s MONDAY, A-G-A-I-N??? Translated…

Of all the people who work in the multitude of occupations, those without a case of the Mondays, are among minorities, and, those workdays that dragged on, finally, we’d made our ways into Friday, and, on the weekends, we may have to crank in our overtimes, or get bogged down by chores around the houses, before we were all, fully rested, another brand new week at our feet. Working for money, is very hard, and, those who actually enjoy the grind, are considered, weird, I’d just started working only a few short years ago, and that sense of fatigue had already, taken over me.

But, my dear old dad had never had, a case of the Mondays, he’d taken the work in shifts, and, on those national holidays loved by all, he’d felt a bit, sad, because, while everybody’s off, he’d needed to work, and, on those windy, rainy days of typhoons, he’d, be out too. Naturally, he had the options of getting paid extra, or take days off later, the public work wouldn’t strain out the employees!

From what he’d told me, when he was still a serviceman, he’d taken the shifts of days off, but, every time there’s emergencies or exercises, he’d had to, involuntarily give up his weekend off. After he’d gotten out of the services, he’d taken the exams into the CPC, but, the gas stations are opened 24/7, 365 days a year, and, even on the New Year’s holidays, he and his coworkers had to take breaks on different occasions to each other’s days off.

Those who drew to have New Year’s Eve off are the lucky ones, but, the people who had New Year’s off wouldn’t get the triple bonus during the holidays; those who didn’t get the top prize will have to, sacrifice the time with their families, but, there’s a high rate of pay for the overtimes, and, the hours of work are, shortened, and, if you’re single, and away from home, why would you even need to, fight to get those tickets to get you back home, then, sit in those cramped up trans.

Later on, the gas companies became owned and operated by the locals, and, dad sent in the papers for retirement, and, he’d successfully passed the test to become a public service worker, and, after he’d passed the judiciary tests, he was sent to the prison systems to work, and, it also utilized the days off system like in the gas stations, but, the prison is a system that can’t take days of EVER like the gas stations, and, everybody on the roster had a day off on the schedules is written in ink.

As my father passed fifty, he’d filed for retirement quick, his most widely used motto was, “if you didn’t get a head start, you need to finish first”, believed, that he’d started working at a younger age than his peers, therefore he should, retire sooner, compared to his peers; living life simple, he could live off of his monthly retirement by the government, and now, he’s taking SEVEN days off a week, couldn’t tell the day of the week, he’s, truly, enjoying his retirement that’s for sure!

So, this, is the track of work that someone had taken, and, he’d worked hard, and, the companies he’d worked in is considered a necessity to the society, which is why he’d not gotten the days off like the regular nine-to-five office workers, but now, this man is, retired, and he can have, ALL the days he wants off, and that, is a great way, to live out one’s own retirement all right!

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