My Very First Snow

These, are the memories, we are surely to, cherish for life! Translated…

Carrying my two-months old son in my arms, as he’d become drowsy, fell asleep after I’d fed him. This year, we have a warm winter, until right before the Chinese New Years, did the very first cold front came by.

The news was blasting about how the tourists happily went up Hehuan Mountain, screamed, as they welcomed the first snow. There was a girl who’d hollered excitedly, that this, was the very first time she’d ever seen snow. All of a sudden, I feel tears, rolling down my cheeks, I couldn’t stop crying.

not my art…

On the year I just got into university, my maternal grandfather passed due to illness. My very first snow, he’d taken me out to see, during my kindergarten years.

Technically, it wasn’t, real snow, it was, manmade, the place was right outside, the film studios, and, as we entered, we’d needed to dress fully. The temporarily set up tent, with the manmade snow flying all over, with the ice slides, for the kids to play on.

As the young me got led in, I’d, squatted on the ground, refused to get up, wouldn’t even, stick my hands out of my sleeves. That sort of a low temperature, for someone as young as I was, was just, too hard to handle; not only did I not get to slide down the ice slide, I’d not even, touched the snows, grandpa, who’d taken my, all the way, from Yonghe to Shihlin, can only, take me out of the snow field. And, we’d wasted, two perfectly good tickets.

not my animation…

My grandfather originated from China, he was grabbed by the KMT into the armed services to work as a youth soldier, and, he’d lived his days, guarding the dead bodies of the battlefields, and weathered through numerous small and big battles, and, finally, came to Taiwan. And yet, despite how much cruelty he’d bore witness to in the wars and throughout his life, he was still, the most kind, gentle elderly person I’d ever known.

My grandpa had endless number of stories to tell, like how he’d given the rice saved up by my grandma for their own children, and gave it to someone who lived on worse than they had to help them, or how he’d known that the cabdriver was taking the longer routes intentionally, he’d not, busted him.

As I became adult, I’d made up my will, to travel through the world, I’d, ventured into many countries already, saw even bigger, more majestic snows, and, I’d recalled them all, but, none was comparable, to those five minutes I’d spent, around the man-made snow when I was just a child.

I’d looked down into my arms at my son, I’d, told him in a light voice, that later on, he would know, that some love would, etched, deeply into his memories, that even after twenty, thirty years, it’s still, imprinted deep into the soul.

moments we will forever remember…not my photo…

I think, if my maternal grandfather could see his great grandson, he would smile so very, radiantly, like how he’d welcomed me each and every time.

So this, is how much love this elderly has for his granddaughter, and, they’d shared, many wonderful memories, and, this woman will NEVER forget how much thought, how much love his grandfather had for her.


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