Sisters Six

The closeness of sisters, having sisters, to share, to make the wonderful memories here, translated…

After I’d read “Sisters Five” in the papers, other than being drawn into how closely related the writer was with her sisters, I’d recalled the interesting in the six sisters, our lives, and I want to share it, with my readers out there.

the closeness of the sisters, not my photograph…

To tell the truth, during that era, my mother gave birth to six girls, other than having a difficult time, raising us up, she’d needed to, endure through the bad looks from the outside. But, although, the six of us didn’t become completely outstanding, but, we’d all made our own names, there was an owner of a company, paramedic, a high up manager of a charity,, and a manager of a public office too, and, we’d gotten the good reputation from being commended on by our relatives, and, we’d, made our parents very proud.

Our looks were split into two. From the eldest to the youngest, the firstborn, the third, and the fifth, we all have squarish faces, more stout, carried our paternal grandmother’s genes; and, the second, fourth, and youngest all had oval-shaped faces, and are all taller, took after my grandfather. I’d often commended my parents on how fair they were, splitting up their genes in half, without ANY form of unfairness, I’m sure, that my grandparents would get very pleased seeing this in heaven!

Since I could recall, all the neighbors, when they saw me, they’d commented, “You look like your eldest sister!”, and if I was walking along with my youngest sister, then, they’d commented, “You two look nothing alike!”, but, the six of us are, more than thankful for how our parents give us our features, and, we are, very close with each other, and, didn’t split up, because we don’t look exactly alike.

doing things together as they age…not my photo.

There was one more thing about being “made” from my parents. The three older girls all had long, slender fingers, fleshy palms, delicate, and soft, very beautiful; and the three younger children, as we’d shown our hands, they looked like we’d manually labored, and, ugly doesn’t even fit the descriptions. The three of us would often complain to our parents that they’d not, checked the quality, that we may be able to, get a refund? And, it’d, made them laugh until they couldn’t breathe.

The six of us sounded alike, that, would probably be considered, the BEST inherited trait. And so, when our mother was still living, we’d, all, joked on it with her, and said it was, to test her brains, to help her prevent dementia. Once the six of us went out together, we’d called home, to mom, and, we’d taken turns talking to her and, she kept believing, that she was, only, speaking with my youngest sister, and, on the other end of the line, the rest of us, tried really hard not to laugh, until our stomachs ached, until she’d found out, did she realize, that she’d, gotten tricked by us again.

We’d all loved, getting together to visit our parents’ together, we traveled in groups, and, we were, very, attention-grabbing. My father at age ninety-seven, every time as he saw us, show up, he would always be grinning ear to ear. Yeah, being able to, gather with the six lovers he had in a past life, he must, be enjoying our companies! And, although, all of us are already in our sixties and seventies, but, in our father’s mind, we were still, all children to him, we’d all, kept that heart of innocence too, this, is how the blood runs thicker than water, allowing us, to bask together, in the bliss we’d, come to share.

So, this, is how grateful you are, of having all your sisters, and, you were able, trick your mother, that MUST’ve been fun, I’m sure, but, what’s rare was, how closely you all are to each other, and, despite how far you normally live from one another, when you gathered as sisters, it’s a huge P-A-R-T-Y!


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