The Cable Car Ride, a Short Prose

The cluelessness of a M-A-N is presented in the interactions of these two “specimen”, translated…

ready to alight the cable car now, not my photograph…

Knowing how she’d hated it, he’d still, pulled her, to take the cable car rides.

“Look, there’s nothing to be scared of! The view’s amazing, look out the windows. This is very safe, you won’t die”, he’d chimed on happily during their trip, not realizing, that she held a straight face.

She’s NOT afraid of dying in the least bit, she just didn’t want to be with him, when she dies.

Yup, that, is what love became, maybe, this couple had been through things that we don’t know, but, we can be sure, that this woman didn’t become this indifferent toward this man who still ain’t got a single CLUE overnight, or maybe, it’s how clueless he is, that’s made her cold, who knows???

not my photograph…


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