The Mother of Twins Worked Three Jobs, and Volunteered as the Torch Carrier for the World University Sports Competition

A young mother, living her dreams, challenging herself, making the breakthroughs in her own life, doing something meaningful, from the Newspapers, translated…

The World University Sports Competition is set for August this year, the process of the torch getting passed will get sent over the highest peak in Taiwan-Jade Mountain; the ten selected runners who will be hiking up the Jade Mountain carrying the torch, are going to start their bootcamp training sessions next month, and, in July of this year, they will be carrying their twenty-kilograms’ bags and hike up the Jade Mountain for three days and two nights, and, light up the torch on the main peak, to use it as the start of the competitive events.

There were six men, four women of the ten who were selected, and, they are professional boating competitors, members of the university hiking club, and mom.

The nineteen-year-old woman, Liu is a professional boating competitor, she’d had outstanding physical abilities since she was a young child, the first swimming competition she had was when she was in her last year of kindergarten, at age nine, she’d gotten the chance to sail on the surfboards, and, felt, that the most attractive thing about it, is having the speed, to sail the oceans, and taking in ALL the vastness of the oceans by herself, that it gave her a sense of freedom. She viewed the torch carrying mission as “a brand new challenge”, she’d loved everything about nature, last year, she’d walked on a trip for six days four nights to Nepal, and, as she’d hiked up the Snow Mountain with her elders in Taiwan, she’d become, the baggage carrier for them, carried an 18-kilogram backpack on her back.

王嘉祺/28歲王嘉祺是一對7歲雙胞胎的媽媽,4年前愛上攀登百岳,也要挑戰火炬手的...the young  mother at the entrance of the mountain on the training…photo from…

The twenty year old Lin and the twenty-two year-old Gu from the Chinghwa Hiking Club were both chosen, just last month, Lin just hiked a 25-kilogram heavy gear, with ten days’ worth of food, with a machete, and, put up with not being able to shower, and getting lost, and the anxiousness of how he may have made, the wrong calls, finished the Taidong 10-day discovery tracks. He said, walking with his friends, on that track that seemed to wind on endlessly, and in the end, he caught the sights of the tall peaks and the lake down below, it’d made him feel, that being able to carry the torch up the highest peak in Taiwan is something meaningful.

The twenty-eight year-old Wang is the mother of seven-year-old twins, at age twenty-four, she’d given herself a huge present, climbed, for the first time, to the noted “Angels’ Tears”, Jiaming Lake. She’d recalled, that after her hiked, she’d sworn she will, NEVER hike any more mountains again, but, after she’d gotten to the foot of the mountain, she couldn’t help but start planning her next journey, smiled and told, “As my friends heard I was going to be a torch carrier, they were all, very surprised”, no matter what, she’d wanted to, use the advantage of her hiking trips to recharge herself.

So, these people ALL had separate goals for themselves, and come from ALL walks of life, but, one thing’s for certain, they ALL want to challenge themselves, to break through, to improve their physique, their mental strengths, and, by carrying the torch for the sports competitions, they’re going to be doing something meaningful to themselves, and testing their own abilities, they will be breaking through, to see that brand new versions of themselves after this hike I’m more than positive.


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