Barcode Scanner, a Short Prose

Reflections on life here, translated…

The customers at the super markets complained on how noisy the barcode scanners are, and so, the store manager switched off the sound. And, after the sound was switched off, she can only see on the screens, to see if she’d scanned the items the customers are buying. She’d complained about how inconvenient this was, that it would slow the checkout process too. But the store manager told her, “I’ll see about it”. And she’d known, that that usually means, that it’s, finalized. Seeing that soundless barcode scanning machine, she’d finally, understood, what it felt, to be, deaf.

Her husband never understood her, she’d told him, “Think about it, if when you scanned your MRT pass, and there was no sound, what will happen?”, he’d replied, “Whatever rules your boss had made, just, follow it, don’t make any comments.”

like this one???  Not my photo…

She thought, surely, a lot of people believed, that it’s safest, to be deaf and dumb in the workplace, to ignore our abilities to hear and to speak. And, switching the barcode machine to silent, it’d destroyed the purpose of the barcode scanner’s inventor. She’d not wanted to become this type of person. And, whether or not the barcode machine starts beeping again, it all depends on whether or not she dared to speak up again.

So, this, is a reflection of what this woman’s reality is, isn’t it? The barcode scanner getting switched to silent showed how she was forced, to conform to the demands of others around her, and, her wanting to hear that scanning sound meant that she no longer wanted to live within the rules that were set up by someone else, after all, they don’t, fit her one bit!

or at the checkout counter like this…not my photo still…


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