Her Rebellious Past Had Made Her into a Best Female Actress, the Success Story of Shu Qi

From the Entertainment section of the news, translated…

The Best Actress winner, Shu Qi’s life is going very well currently, she’d found success in work, and is in a good love, is noted, as the “Goddess” by the fans, but as she was interviewed by Marie Claire, she’d disclosed of how when she was in her teenage years, she was this uncontrolled teenager, that right after her parents scolded her, she’d, climbed over the walls, to find her friends to hang out with, she’d still continued to make the same mistakes her parents warned her against, but she didn’t believe this to be rebellious, “Compared to the rest of my really rebellious friends, I’m nothing, if I’d stayed at home and behaved, maybe, the world would perceive me as rebellious.”

Looking back at her past self, Shu Qi felt blessed that she grew up like she had, “those experiences in life gave me more connection to the roles I’d played.” And she’d questioned, that the children now, who never face any conflicts in their lives, that’s dangerous too.”

She was full of sense of justice like the role she’d portrayed in the movie, as Shu Qi went downstairs to take a walk, and see someone picking on a stray dog, without thinking twice, she’d rushed up to the person and confronted them, she’d used her astrological sign to vouch for her own behaviors, “Aries are more impulsive, and this doesn’t constitute as being ‘justice-oriented’. It’s just, that others may think too much, ‘oh, he’s really large, the man who’s picking on the dogs, I should best, stay away.’ I’m more of a straight shooter, and I’d not regretted what I did, there’s NOTHING to regret when you know you’d done right.”

Shu Qi Cannes 2015.jpgphoto from Wikipedia…

Toward the title of “Goddess” and “Best Actress”, Shu Qi looked on these with a sense of objectiveness onto the career of acting, “It’s just a profession, needing life, needing to be in the contact of others. Even though I’d come into the spotlight, it’s also, because of this profession I’d chosen, just get use to it. Rather than having this conflicting state of mind about it, I’d much rather just, accept it. I didn’t choose the profession of an actress, it’d, chosen me, it’s the way fate would want it for me.”

So, this, is how far Shu Qi had come since the beginning of her career, and, through all the roles she’d played, she had gained an acquired taste of what the various roles are about, and, she’s able to, stay true to her core values, which is very hard, especially in the entertainment industries, but she’s doing it.

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