Visiting Her Mother on a Daily Basis, on Filial Relations

Raised a good daughter there, translated…

Early in the morning, I’d called up my good friend, and he’d, mentioned to me about how wonderful his daughter was.

He is already in his eighties, and, his children are all grown and married, he and his wife, after they’d retired, got involved in numerous activities, gone out traveling, it’d made everybody who knew them envious. Until one day, he’d found, that the foods his wife prepared was, too salty, and, a few days later, he’d found that she’d placed her slippers, wrapped up in newspaper, and stored them inside the freezer section, then, as she’d gone out alone, she couldn’t find her way back home again, had gone missing multiple times. After he took her to the hospital, the doctor gave the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

not my photograph…

And, their originally wonderful life changed colors, and, the laughter that usually filled up their weekends, gone too.

My friend took care of his wife all alone on his own an elderly caring for an elderly, his physical abilities declined, and, plus their son and daughter-in-law lived away from them, and only comes home on the weekends; their daughter had married to the next city, and, it would take her a forty-minute ride on her motorcycle to visit them at home, he’d filed for hiring a foreign caretaker.

My friend told me, one day, the weather alerted of a typhoon, he’d called his daughter, told her not to visit back home, but the daughter told him, “If I don’t see you two, my heart will be unsettled all day long, I am visiting, but I will, watch out for my own safety.”

As my old friend’s daughter arrived at their home, she was already, drenched, and, insisted that although her own mother no longer recognized her, she is to talk to her every single day. My friend was moved by his own daughter, and I too, am glad for him, that he could, depend on his daughter as well.

come rain or shine!  Photo from online…

So, this woman is now, repaying her parents to raising her up, and, it is, really difficult for someone to keep that up on a daily basis, but this woman wanted to make sure her parents are okay, which, is why it didn’t bother her, to drive or ride such a long way to go home to see them, and this, is an amazing daughter that this two elderly had raised.


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