You are, Cherished by Us

A love, without the boundaries, on adopting a child with special needs, translated…

In the waiting room of the airport in Kunming, there was a French couple sitting opposite of me, carrying on in conversation, in the aisles separating them, were their luggage, and on the luggage was, an Asian little boy fast asleep. The five-year-old child just played by himself for half an hour in the waiting room, he’d taken the paper airplane and flew it between the chairs, and looked out the windows, to see the real airplanes land and take off, and mumbled to himself, a song, of indistinctive language. That little boy that ran around all over, although, he didn’t look like any regular child, but, it’d not, bothered us at all, instead, it was him and the French couple’s interactions, that’s caught the attention of the rest of the passengers in the waiting areas, including myself. The boy was a Chinese boy who was adopted by the French couple he was, a child with Downs’s Syndrome.

these children have JUST as much love to give to the parents and everybody else around them, not my photograph…

I’d struck up the conversation with the French couple, because that little boy landed his airplane on my knees, and the French mom pointed to the empty chair next to me, and, spoke in French, playfully to the boy, “Come, Paul, land your airplane here, the airport over there hadn’t opened yet.” I’d replied back in French, “It’s okay, it’s opened now.”, that little boy laughed aloud, and, just, bounced his toy plane on my two knees, and, this French couple was interested in how I can talk in French, and the three of us started up in conversation.

“As we saw him in an orphanage in Guizhou, he was just two, so thin, so tiny, didn’t cry, just looked at us, with his big eyes. The orphanage told us, that babies with Downs’s Syndrome are ugly, that normally, nobody would want them, that they would usually, wait until the child gets even older, then, send them into a facility. But, after my husband and I visited several children, we’d still returned back to Bao”. The mother of about forty used her voice and said the child’s name, and I was, still, fazed. The orphanage called this child who was abandoned by his mother “unloved”, “Stinky”, because he’d, pooped in his pants, and, there were NONE of the older kids who were willing, to help him change. And, the couple kept the “Bao” in the Chinese nickname the orphanage called him as his nickname, they’d said, that in Chinese, it meant “cherished”, I’d nodded, and all of a sudden, it’d, dawned on me, that the child’s French name is similar in sounding, “Paul”.

just as cute as a healthy infant…not my photo…

This case of the French couple adopting this young child with Downs’s Syndrome had gotten the village’s attention. Some say, that the French, adopting a child with a condition, was to sell them, to make a profit, some said, that this couple had a sort of weird preferences. As the French mom told me, she’d laughed on, “We’d found a house in the village, and took Bao to live there for a month, and every day, we’d taken him to socialize with the neighbors, to pick up some Chinese, until the orphanage saw that we had good wills. An entire month, my husband almost lost his job back in France.”, the French husband let out a sound, said, “The price of the most precious of all things.”, we all laughed.

The precious little Paul was uncomfortable, sleeping on the luggage, his dad carried him up, placed him onto his own chest. “A lot of people asked us, if we were adopting, why not, at least, adopt a healthy child?”, the French mom finally, touched the question that was, almost, overflowing from my lips. “The moment we saw Bao, we only saw how much we loved him, and NOT seen if there was anything wrong with the way he was, nor did we think about the future. The child had NEVER be considered a chip that we’d, saved for our futures. All we need to do, was to love this child, with our love, and sense of responsibility, to accompany him on his journey of life. It’s, that simple.” As the French mom told, she’d picked up the destroyed paper airplane that Bao had wrinkled up, and, she’d taken out another piece of paper from her backpack, and started, folding out, yet, another airplane, with that shine of love and bliss in her eyes.

So, this, is the love without the boundaries, because this French couple saw this child in need, they’d adopted him, and, despite what the future has to offer, they’d decided, to give this young “imperfect” boy, as close to a perfectly wonderful childhood as they possibly can, and that, is the depth of love, that goes into the thought of adopting a child that someone had given up.


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