A Tree with an Umbrella on Top

from a botanical park, I suppose???  Not my photograph.

The wonders of nature, translated…

In the small garden of my rental home, I’d planted a magnolia, and in just ten years, the tree stands at a floor’s height, and, we were able to, enjoy the aromatic scent brought to us by the wind over the years.

I’d followed the trimming rules, and trimmed away the twigs and the smaller branches regularly, but one day, I’d, accidentally, chopped OFF a huge branch, and I was, surprised to find a nest full of baby Japanese white-eyes. I’d climbed back down, looked overhead, and, I saw, a mother bird, looking for her young in distress.

It’s the heat of the summer, and, I’d, cut off the shades, what, will I do now? I’d plopped up open two umbrellas, and tied them over the bird’s nest. The original magnolia turned into an “umbrella tree”, like a décor art piece. And, as the pedestrians walked past the alley I lived on, they’d all looked toward the tree curiously, why are there two umbrellas propped open on the tree?

not my photo…

I’d sprinkled water to cool the temperature down by afternoon, and, to sneak a peek, at how the small nest of “tenants” were doing. In fifteen days, I’d waken up early, to water the plants, it was still, quite noisy, the three baby birds were playing, flying around in mid-air, and, within a short time afterwards, they’d all, flown off far.

Would the birds, after they were grown, come back home to visit? This magnolia that’s bloomed out the umbrellas, later moved, into the small park opposite of my place, I hope, that those birds can, follow the scents, and find their way back to their mother’s home in the future.

Yeah uh, this, is ALL in the minds of man, as birds fly out of the nests, they’re, on their own, and, unless they’re, certain species, they normally, don’t return to the place they were born and have another nest full of eggs, but, hey, it makes this, an interesting encounter for the writer and the birds that she’d helped watch over, doesn’t it???

the Japanese white-eyes taking care of their young, not my photograph…


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