My Girlfriend is Vietnamese, and My Family Wanted Me to Break Up with Her

Just because of a stereotype the family has toward Vietnamese people! A Q&A, translated…

Q: Members of my family had the stereotypes that she’s only dating me for money…

W who is twenty-nine, through his work, met a girl, B, who’d come to Taiwan to work from Vietnam, at age twenty-five, B is very outgoing and beautiful, she’d worked in Taiwan for over five years now, and can read Chinese too the two of them have a lot of things they can talk about. After some time of pursuing after her, B finally agreed to go out with W.

relationship is hard enough, and biracial relationship, even HARDER!!!  Not my photo…

W told his family about his girlfriend, but, the family was totally against it, reason being that they believed the foreign spouses all wanted money, nothing more, that they lie, they’d worked very hard, to get W to break up with B. Although W had done his best, explaining to his family, that B never asked for any gifts from him, that they’d split up the bills, but the family stayed true to their stereotypes. Kept telling him that once they married, he would have his share of hardships coming his way, that all his money will get taken from him, that all the foreign spouses are blue collar folks, or that they’re too old, to find themselves wives. And, W found no way, of deterring his family from their stereotypes, although W kept trying to get through to his family, that you can judge a person based off of their nationality or skin colors that B is a really good woman, but, he’d seen no results.

A My Advice

Although this is the age of free love, but, there are, constant incidences where the parents are against their children’s loves, and, the most simple of all of these are because of the differences in nationality, or it may be how far the ages too, or the basic rules of occupation, needing the spouses to work in a public office, teaching post, doctor, or lawyer, etc., etc., etc. The situation that W is faced with right now, there is, NO solution, because a lot of the Vietnamese ladies DID come to Taiwan to work for money, I think that W should inquire B about her side of the family truthfully, that if they are to be married, would she need to keep sending money to her own family? If after the discussions, there’s NOT that big an issue, then, take her home, for the “long haul”, so the family will know her better then.

So, the family’s against this man marrying his Vietnamese girlfriend is solely OFF of the stereotypes, and, from this, you CAN see, how stereotypes will sometimes, RUIN, a perfectly good love, but, there’s, still a LOT of communication that needed to be done by the man, with his own family.


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