Warm-Up Exercises, a Short Prose

and, in this WWF Showdown, the winner is: the H-E-A-R-T!!!  Not my picture…

Let’s see, how this SESSION of LYING to HERSELF worked out, shall we??? Translated…

Warm-up exercises are very important, even IF you don’t exercise daily, you’d still needed to, do these warm-up exercises daily. The flexible bodies would be full of life. The stiffer your bodies get, the closer to your own graves. As she’d warmed up, she’d recalled, she’d done a twosome exercise with him. She’d never forgotten him fully, so, she’d still, felt that sense of romanticism toward him. And, her romanticism makes her heart continue to feel so soft, she won’t, get closer, to her own graves in love.

what you’re engaged in…not my picture…

All I see here, is a woman, attempting, to CONVINCE herself, that the love she’s in, is going to work out, she’d fooled her heart into believing that, and now, it’s her own HEAD she had to convince, and, she will only be able to, when she put that BLINDFOLD onto her own BRAINS!!!


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