She’d Found Her True Love…But She’d Contracted A.I.D.S., and Thought about Calling Off the Marriage and She’d Decided to Get Pregnant and Have a Baby

Thanks to the advances in modern day medicine, that, is what makes this possible, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-seven-year-old woman from the southern regions on two days before she was to wed, she was told she’d contracted A.I.D.S., and her fiancée, after going with her for the medical consultations, decided on their plans to get married just the same. Later, as the woman took her medication on schedule, and, after several checkups, there were almost NO signs of the virus in her, and she’s planning on having a baby now.

This woman, a year ago, found that she’d contracted A.I.D.S., she’d cried and asked the medical professionals, “What will I do?”, after the professionals told her of the risks, she’d decided, that she shouldn’t get married, and told her fiancée, “Just tell everybody I got cold feet”; but the fiancée had, gone with the plans of the wedding just the same, “We’d discuss everything after the honeymoon.”

The two of them carried that unsettlement after the wedding ceremonies, and, followed the doctor’s orders of using condoms when they have sexual intercourse, the woman took her medication on schedule, and, after several blood tests, they weren’t able to find the virus in her blood streams, and the man never contracted A.I.D.S. either, the couple recently decided to have a baby, to walk toward the next stage of their lives together.

The medical professional told, that this woman didn’t have a complicated social background or work, but, her ex-boyfriend had contracted an STD, and they suspected that it was her ex who’d infected her.

Because the woman felt “she’d finally found her true love, and just wanted to forget about everything that’s happened from before”, she’d refused to provide ANY information about her ex, and this made the hospital having a hard time, to follow-up and to prevent the spread of the illness.

And so, thanks to modern day medical advances, this woman, despite how she’d contracted H.I.V., she got cured, by taking medication daily, and, now, she can, welcome her brand new life, with the man whom she loved and loved her dearly too.


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