Letters I Couldn’t Send

These, are the letters I couldn’t send, because I got NO clue, where or who to send them to, despite how I’d written them, addressed to specific people…

Letters I couldn’t send, because, there’s, NO point, in sending them out now, what’s the use, huh??? The damage’s already been done, there’s, NO turning back from that!

yup, it’s kinda like that, but MORE restraining, NOT my photograph…

Letters I couldn’t send, how many of them were there, accumulated, inside of these, overly stuffed up, file cabinets of my god DAMN mind? Letters I couldn’t send, I’d, written them over, over, over, and over again, just, to feel those words, flow, again, and again, out of my own mind, and through my fingertips, onto these, pages…

Letters I couldn’t send, they’re all that I have now, as I aged by the day, and, each and every day, I seem, to be, in the company of these letters I couldn’t send, more, and more, I really don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them, if they come at me, there won’t be, enough room, inside this prison of my god DAMN mind!!!

all tied up, in bundles & piles here, NOT my photograph still…

Letters I couldn’t send, what, will I, do with them now, where, do I store them all? They’d, overflowed throughout my house, there’s just, too many of them altogether in my life………


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