A Duet, a Poem

The thoughts from hearing a duet by a man and a woman, translated…

What Flashed Like Lightning

Weren’t the Thoughts

But Another Lightning, that’d, Wiped Out the Thoughts

Like How the River August was Blocked Down by

The Embankment Made with the Tears

not my silhouette!

The Sorrows Became that Bloodied Saw of the Dark Nights

Kept Going Back and Forth, Back, and Forth

With the Past, Chipping Off Piece, by Piece

The Wings that Broke Down

The Waves in the Distance Seemed to, Proclaim of Some Sort of Hardship

And, Made the Metaphors of the Meaning of Religions

The Body Became, Hardened, Like the Exoskeletons of Beetles

It’s Just

How will the Voices that Sang

Escape, the Prison Cages of Time?

singing together…not my picture still…

So, this, is how we all became, eventual prisoners of time, how there’s, this loss, of moments we want back, but can’t have back again, how we can, mourn, over these moments that’s flowed by us, but, beyond that, there’s, NOTHING else, left, for us, to do…


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